6 Facts & Figures About Product Photography We Bet You Didn’t Know

The ever-expanding e-commerce industry heavily relies on product photography. Catching the eye of customers is a constant race of competitors online and with product photography, marketers are able to achieve that.

As we know that we are all visual creatures and we tend to process information depending on what we see. In fact, a research study found that consumers take only 20 percent of what they read and 80 percent of what they see.

Therefore, when skimming through e-commerce websites, people would rather focus on images than anything else. This is why the significance of product photography  plays an immense role in impacting the e-com business.

Below we have further enumerated some vital facts and figures about product photography that we bet you didn’t know before. Keep reading till the end to find out all about it.

1.    Around 1.66 billion people shop and buy online globally

Yes! That’s right. Almost 21.8 percent of people around the world go online to shop and buy all sorts of things. However, marketers and businesses find it extremely hard to convince this percentage of people.

With so many choices available, consumers always have too many options to choose from the same category of things which they are looking for. In order to stand out from the rest, the role of product photography is quite significant.

No matter what you are selling online, you are required to find a creative way to sell your products. Influencing the consumer buying behaviour needs application of appropriate strategy and product photography is one such strategy.

2.   Increase in number of product images boosts sell-through

As mentioned earlier, people are visual creatures. The things that look good attract us the most. Therefore, the quality of product images represents the brand that you are selling.

You need to keep in mind that high-quality product images are like brand emissaries. The consumer immediately relates and resonates with the brand if the product images are of great quality.

It is also to be noticed that products with a greater number of images have more impact on customers. Therefore, make sure to click ample product images from different angles so that customers can trust your brand and make a quick selling decision.

3.   Almost 78% of online buyers look for images that can bring products to life

Shopping over an e-commerce website is an experience rather than just a mere act of buying things online. Consumers want to get the feel of the real shopping experience when they look at products online and decide for buying.

In fact, as much as 78% of buyers online are looking for product images that can give them the real feel. By real feel it means the product should look like part of the consumer’s life rather than something unrealistic.

This is why it is important to focus on narrating a story through product photography so that consumers could resonate with the product. The images should be able to talk about the brand and overall quality of the product.

4.   93% of consumers think that quality of product images is important for online sale

We all tend to judge a thing by the way it looks in images when it comes to online shopping. As a matter of fact, 93% of consumers rely on the quality of product images to decide on their buying decision. If the quality of images is poor, then there’s a high chance that you’ll miss opportunity on sale of the particular product.

Therefore, the quality of the product images determines whether the product will sell or not. So, if you are wondering ways to boost your online sales then you gotta focus on the quality of the visual images that you are using for the products.

Etsy, one of the well-known vintage and handmade craft supplies and items shops online, says that almost 90 percent of users rely on good quality images in order to make their purchasing decision.

5.   22% of product return happens because they look different in real

We have seen many online shopping failures where we see and expect something and the thing arrives totally different. In fact, 22 percent of product returns happen because the images look different than in reality. Imagine how disappointing would it be if customers don’t get what they’ve seen in the first place online.

Hence, it is important that you invest in professional product photography for perfect image results. Sometimes, brands make too much tweaking in the images that it looks too unrealistic.

However, an ideal product image must resemble the actual condition and status of the product and not something impractical. Therefore, the next time you invest in product photography make sure to achieve realistic image results.

6.   91% consumers demand for spin around or 360° product images

Yet again online shopping is all about experiences and consumers in recent times look for interactive and stimulating shopping experiences. Brands require to step up when it comes to product photography as simple images won’t suffice.

In fact, 91% of consumers are asking for 360° spin images for a better view of the products and have the ultimate shopping experience. Consumers feel more trusted to buy products if there are spin around images of the product. As spin images allow customers a good look of the products that they are willing to purchase.

Customers are more determined with their buying decision if there are 360 degree spin product images available.


Product images give consumers the satisfaction to buy products and entrust the brand they are choosing. With professional product photography, you can reach your prospects in more ways than you can imagine. However, you need to be sure that you are choosing an expert for product photography instead of an amateur.

Make sure to consult an expert professional to learn more about the ins and outs of product photography. After all, the images of a product influences the customer’s buying decision to a considerable extent.

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