9 key benefits of an integrated HR system

Recent technological advancements have brought forth a variety of software solutions to ease employees’ workload.

Automating tedious business processes has become the norm. Most leading organisations are embracing this change and are on the way to building a technology-infused workplace.

An integrated HR management system is designed to manage tedious human resources tasks. Automating HR functions saves time and eliminates errors in an accessible and cost-effective way.

Similarly, uKnowva HRMS is one such solution to consider. How’s that possible is what you read below in the post. 

Top 9 Benefits of a fully integrated HR system:

Let’s explore a few benefits of an integrated HR system.

It saves time with the automation of daily and mundane tasks. 

Manually entering employee data and updating it is monotonous and time-consuming. It requires excellent attention to detail and concentration, as even a minor error can cause significant havoc.

A fully integrated HR system like uKnowva will lift this burden off HR professionals. Mundane tasks like creating and maintaining employee records, payroll services, benefits management, etc., will be easily taken care of. 

Artificial intelligence empowers uKnowva to ensure there is no room for error or miscalculations. It overall improves efficiency and HR productivity.

It ensures there is data analytics at the backend to help make strategic decisions.

HR teams are responsible for storing data to analyse and build reports for evaluating work processes. However, creating accurate, data-driven reports can be a gruelling task.

An integrated HR system provides organisations with built-in analytics tools. It analyses data stored at the backend to produce effective and accurate reports within seconds. 

These reports can help make intelligent and strategic decisions to improve HR effectiveness.

It is accessible from smart devices and at any location for all workers.

After the pandemic, remote work has seen a considerable rise in popularity. Employees prefer workplaces that offer remote and hybrid options over the traditional 9–5 ones. 

There is a need for organisations to provide their remote workers with enhanced technologies to support their work culture.

An integrated HR system is accessible to all employees from every smart device, regardless of their location. It offers them flexibility and autonomy over their work, significantly increasing the overall productivity in the process.

It helps in monitoring employee performances accurately.

Performance management is a continuous process crucial to achieving set organisational goals. An HR system comes with an in-built performance tracking system that helps organisations analyse and increase employee engagement.

uKnowva’s 360-degree performance review turns a one-way evaluation into a two-way process. It ensures that employees receive valuable feedback from beginning to finish.

Managers can track their team’s individual KPIs to produce instant performance analytics of an employee at any given minute. This facility enables managers to assign tasks based on each employee’s performance and suitability.

It ensures the integration of all necessary tools to save time and effort.

Using a plethora of different platforms for various HR-related services can get confusing at times. Logging into several applications to work on a related task is time-consuming and counter-productive.

An HRMS system solves this problem by integrating all the necessary tools and services into one convenient piece of software. 

It ultimately eases the workload of HR management and employees alike. They can log into a single platform to keep track of all work-related functions.

Helps employees with better time and project management. 

Project management is the key to increasing the overall productivity of an organisation. uKnowva’s project and timesheet features help discern a team’s performance by generating project profitability and target speedometer reports.

Timesheets help managers with resource planning and setting individual goals following the employee’s capabilities. 

Humongous projects are then divided into digestible milestones to help employees meet deadlines. uKnowva allows employees to communicate easily and share project details with the assigned team members.

Boost timely employee engagement and retention scores.

One of the best ways to boost employee engagement is by supporting and providing honest feedback. It motivates the employees to work harder towards achieving collective organisational goals.

uKnowva’s social intranet services provide a safe space for employees to interact with each other. They express their opinions through discussion forums and interact on announcement posts.

uKnowva even allows organisations to create their very own communication channel to improve employee engagement. 

Answering happiness metres and satisfaction surveys at the end of each day makes employees feel valued and included. Engaged employees feel connected to their work, resulting in improved staff retention.

Helps HR managers predict the employee turnover season with reasons.

One major problem HR managers face today is predicting the upcoming employee turnover rate.

An integrated HR management system offers predictive analytics features. These features can be used to predict the upcoming employee turnover rates with data-driven insights approximately.

With reasons at hand, managers can strategically devise employee engagement plans to lower employee turnover next season.

Improves employee experiences at every touchpoint.

An effective HRMS solution like uKnowva aims to elevate the employee experience at every possible touchpoint. From onboarding to retirement, it ensures that the employees have the best time and a smooth overall experience.

Employees can access all the information, documents, and data through one portal.

uKnowva provides ESS features, which allow employees to access and download HR-related documents through the organisation’s web portal. This allows employees to have autonomy over their work and decreases their dependency.


A fully integrated HR system automates laborious tasks, saves time, and eliminates errors in an accessible and cost-effective way.

It lessens the burden of the HR team and engages them effectively. As a result, HR professionals can direct their focus to other important tasks that require their attention. 

They will have time to devise strategies and solutions to aid organisational development and workforce management.

In conclusion, integrating good HR management software is a great addition to every organisation. It will significantly improve the overall productivity of the workforce and help achieve long-term organisational goals.

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