Adam Sandler’s been travelling having a cane, even though it could look kinda swaggy, it isn’t for show — it’s a part of his recovery from having surgery a couple of days back.

We’ve got photos of Adam out earlier this weekend in L.A.’s Off-shore Palisades neighborhood using the cane in the right hands for support … as they shopped together with his wife, Jackie.

Sources with direct understanding tell TMZ … Adam’s used the cane due to a recent hip surgery he’d around Labor Day.

We are told this wasn’t as a result of sudden injuries, or any medical emergency — Adam particularly scheduled the surgery to land between projects. Fans can relax … we are told the Sandman is going to be all healed and able to choose his approaching comedy tour, which begins at the end of October.

Adam have been seen travelling town having a cane for any couple of days, but he had not stated anything about why he needed it.

Our sources repeat the surgery would be a success, and Adam — who famously loves his pickup basketball games — has already been searching toward making a court soon.

Improve soon, Adam!!!

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