At The Moment Episode 10 Ending Explained, Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Everything You Need to Know!

At The Moment Episode 10 Ending Explained

In the tenth episode of “At the Moment,” a leaked video scandal involving Li-Wan leads to resignations. The twist reveals Mr. Pan as the leaker, prompting characters to embrace life’s challenges.

Introduction to “At the Moment”

“At the Moment” is a Taiwanese TV series that unfolds ten unique love stories set against the backdrop of the pandemic. The anthology delves into tales of passion and heartache, exploring the complexities of relationships during these challenging times. Each episode introduces different characters and their journeys, providing viewers with a diverse and engaging experience.

The series received a mix of reviews and feedback from audiences. If you enjoy romantic dramas with a variety of perspectives, “At the Moment” offers a glimpse into the intricacies of love in the midst of a global crisis.

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Episode 10 Ending Explained

In the concluding episode of “At the Moment,” Li-Wan, a determined woman navigating societal judgments, faces a series of challenges. As the producer of the reality show “New Tenants,” she clashes with the executive producer over airing a contestant’s divorce revelation, disrupting the show’s usual format.

Amidst controversies, including leaked photos and a scandal involving Li-Wan and her assistant Wang, the characters experience self-discovery and acceptance. The series concludes with Li-Wan resiliently facing the aftermath of a workplace scandal, finding strength in acknowledging life’s inevitable highs and lows.

The characters, each confronting their own realities, find resolutions that lead to love, self-realization, and acceptance, demonstrating resilience in the face of life’s complexities.

Episode 10 Release Date

“At the Moment” Episode 10, titled “Based On True Events,” was released in November 2023. This marked the conclusion of the anthology series that follows 10 unique love stories set against the backdrop of the pandemic. The episode explores the challenges and resolutions faced by the characters in their quest for love, providing a culmination to the various narratives presented throughout the series.

With a runtime of 1 hour, the episode continues the trend of blending drama and romance, offering viewers a finale that brings closure to the characters’ journeys in the context of the complex realities of the pandemic.

At The Moment Episode 10 Cast



Derek Chang Huang Shao-kuang
Yao-Jen Chang Chiang Chun-to
Yan-ting Chen Chia-cheng
Yi-Ruei Chen Wang Pi-na
Alyssa Chia Chou Li-wen
Nikki Hsieh Yao Chih-hsuan
Dee Hsu Chang Wei-hsi
Wei-Jie Hu Couple in Coffee
Lulu Huang Lu Wang Pao-lin
Shu-Mei Huang Ko Mei-fen
Hsueh-Fu Kuo Yang Chien-chien
Chun-Him Lau Chen Chun-pin
Deyn Lee Gay Man
Chia-Wei Lin Eric
J.C. Lin Chiao Kuo-sen AKA Joe
Po-Hung Lin Hsu Pei-ming
Esther Liu Tseng Wan-yu
Shu-Hung Lin Reality Show Director

Episode 10 Plot

In Episode 10 of “At the Moment,” viewers are taken through a series of gripping events that unfold in the final installment of the Netflix series. The episode primarily focuses on Li-wan, a determined woman facing rumors due to her age and single status. Li-wan, the producer of the reality show “New Tenants,” confronts challenges as she tries to bring significant changes to the show’s format.

A conflict arises with the executive producer, Mr. Pan Shih-hung, who opposes Li-wan’s vision, leading to tensions around the portrayal of a contestant named Pi-na. The plot takes unexpected turns, including a leaked picture of Li-wan and Pi-na that sparks rumors of the show being scripted. The narrative intensifies when Li-wan’s assistant, Wang, makes a surprising advance, resulting in a scandal and both resigning from the company.

The episode concludes with a shocking revelation that Mr. Pan was the one who leaked an intimate video involving Li-wan, adding a dramatic twist to the storyline. The characters in “At the Moment” grapple with their own realities, facing love, heartbreaks, and self-discovery, ultimately finding resolution and closure in the concluding episode.

Episode 10 Review

“At The Moment” Episode 10 delivers a satisfying and positive conclusion to the series, showcasing the strength and determination of its lead character, Li-wan. The episode successfully highlights Li-wan’s unwavering commitment to her vision for the reality show, New Tenants, and her refusal to compromise on showcasing authentic contestant stories. The narrative takes unexpected turns, adding layers of complexity to the characters and their relationships.

The resolution of Li-wan’s relationship with Mr. Pan Shih-hung is well-crafted, offering a mix of emotional depth and self-discovery. The positive aspects of the episode include its ability to address real-life issues such as age-related stereotypes and workplace dynamics while maintaining a hopeful and uplifting tone. Overall, Episode 10 of “At The Moment” leaves viewers with a positive and resonant message about embracing life’s challenges.

Where to Watch At The Moment Episode 10?

Viewers can watch “At The Moment” Episode 10 on the streaming platform Netflix. The final episode of this anthology series is available for streaming, allowing fans to catch the conclusion of the unique love stories portrayed throughout the season.

With its engaging narrative and positive resolutions, Episode 10 brings the series to a heartwarming end, making it a must-watch for those who have followed the romantic tales of passion and heartache throughout the show.

At The Moment Episode 10 Ending Explained – FAQs

1. What is the central focus of “At The Moment” Episode 10?

“At The Moment” Episode 10 primarily revolves around Li-Wan, the determined producer of the reality show “New Tenants,” as she faces challenges and controversies amid the unfolding of unique love stories.

2. What is the significance of Li-Wan’s clash with the executive producer in the finale?

Li-Wan clashes with Mr. Pan Shih-hung over airing a contestant’s divorce revelation, disrupting the show’s usual format. This conflict adds tension and complexity to the storyline.

3. How does the episode address workplace dynamics and age-related stereotypes?

The episode delves into workplace dynamics as Li-Wan navigates a scandal involving her assistant, Wang. It also addresses age-related stereotypes faced by Li-Wan due to societal judgments.

4. Brief overview of the character developments in the finale?

In Episode 10, characters undergo self-discovery and acceptance. Li-Wan’s relationship with Mr. Pan is explored, and the resolution emphasizes the characters’ resilience in the face of life’s complexities.

5. What is the overarching message conveyed in the ending of “At The Moment” Episode 10?

The ending delivers a positive message about embracing life’s challenges, finding strength in authenticity, and concluding the characters’ journeys with a sense of closure and empowerment.

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