Edwin Jackson Net Worth In 2023: What Is Edwin Jackson Net Worth?

Edwin Jackson Net Worth

In the world of professional baseball, Edwin Jackson stands out as a notable figure with a captivating journey through the sport. From his remarkable achievements to his unique place in baseball history, Edwin Jackson’s net worth in 2023 is a topic of interest. Let’s dive into the life and career of this American Baseball Pitcher and explore how he accumulated his estimated net worth of $37 million.

Name Edwin Jackson
Net Worth( 2023) $37 Million Dollars
Profession American Baseball Pitcher
Date of Birth 9 September 1983
Age 40 years old
Height 191 cm (6 Feet 3 Inches)
Weight (209 lbs) 95 kg
Birthplace Neu-Ulm, Germany
Nationality American

Who is Edwin Jackson?

Edwin Jackson was born on September 9, 1983, and is renowned for his extensive career as a Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher. His journey through the sport is characterized by remarkable achievements and a unique place in baseball history.

Real Name Edwin Jackson Jr.
Date of birth 9 September 1983
Age 40 years old
Height 191 cm (6 Feet 3 Inches)
Weight (209 lbs) 95 kg
Birth Place Neu-Ulm, Germany
Gender Male
Profession American Baseball Pitcher
Nationality American
Education Shaw High School
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Parents Edwin Jackson Sr.
Spouse Erika Zanders
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A Versatile Career

One of the most distinctive aspects of Edwin Jackson’s career is his record for playing for the most MLB teams, having worn the jerseys of 14 different clubs. He left an indelible mark on the sport through his sheer versatility and adaptability, seamlessly transitioning between various teams, each with its own dynamic and playing style.

Career Highlights

Jackson’s career highlights include an All-Star selection in 2009, a momentous no-hitter pitched on June 25, 2010, and a pivotal role as a member of the 2011 World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals. These accomplishments showcase his prowess on the mound and his ability to perform under pressure on the grandest stages of professional baseball.

International Roots

Born in Neu-Ulm, Germany, to an American father and a German mother, Jackson’s international roots add to the richness of his baseball story. He moved to the United States at the age of two, growing up in Columbus, Georgia, where his love for the game began to flourish. His journey from a star player at Shaw High School to being drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the sixth round of the 2001 MLB draft is a testament to his unwavering dedication and hard work.

Versatility and Durability

Throughout his career, Edwin Jackson demonstrated both versatility and durability. He started as a relief pitcher with the Dodgers but smoothly transitioned into a starting pitcher’s role during his tenure with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. His standout season in 2009, earning him All-Star recognition, showcased his potential. Notably, in 2010, he etched his name in baseball history with a remarkable no-hitter against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

A Journey Through Teams

Jackson’s journey continued with stints at the Detroit Tigers, Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves, Miami Marlins, San Diego Padres, Baltimore Orioles, Oakland Athletics, and Toronto Blue Jays. Each stop added to the tapestry of his career, with highlights and challenges that defined his path as a seasoned MLB pitcher.

Retirement and Legacy

Jackson’s decision to retire from professional baseball after the 2019 season marked the end of a remarkable journey. With a career record of 139 wins and 154 losses, accompanied by a respectable 4.32 ERA, he left a lasting legacy as a dependable and durable pitcher. Notably, he completed 25 games and pitched five shutouts, showcasing his ability to go the distance in a game.

Beyond his on-field accomplishments, Edwin Jackson was widely respected and admired for his positive attitude, willingness to mentor younger players, and his role as a mentor to many aspiring pitchers. His impact extended beyond the box scores, making him a beloved figure among teammates and coaches alike.


In conclusion, Edwin Jackson’s career is a unique and inspiring story of a pitcher who embraced the challenges of playing for numerous teams and excelling in various roles. His record for the most teams played for in MLB history, coupled with his achievements on the field, cements his place as a significant figure in the annals of baseball. Jackson’s legacy will continue to inspire future generations of baseball players, emphasizing the importance of versatility, resilience, and a positive attitude in the pursuit of success in the sport.


1. What is Edwin Jackson’s net worth in 2023?

– Edwin Jackson’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $37 million.

2. How many MLB teams did Edwin Jackson play for?

– Edwin Jackson played for a record 14 different MLB teams during his career.

3. What are some of Edwin Jackson’s career highlights?

– Some of Edwin Jackson’s career highlights include an All-Star selection in 2009 and a no-hitter pitched in 2010.

4. Where was Edwin Jackson born?

– Edwin Jackson was born in Neu-Ulm, Germany, but he moved to the United States at a young age.

5. What is Edwin Jackson’s legacy in baseball?

– Edwin Jackson’s legacy in baseball is marked by his versatility, durability, and positive impact on the sport.

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