Eight Perks of Secondhand Ticket Marketplaces!

Original vendors aren’t the only place to get tickets these days. Below are some of the best reasons why you should be using secondhand marketplaces to get hold of those priceless tickets to the best sports, theater shows, and concerts around the world!


A major perk of buying secondhand tickets for events, concerts, or theater productions is that very often, you will find yourself with a major bargain. Often, when an event is upcoming, and there are tickets still left to purchase, the prices will be slashed to encourage a full house – and that’s where fans can take advantage!

No Pressure

Tickets to popular events are tricky to get hold of and usually require holding your place in a queue for hours, whether physically or virtually. If you eventually manage to make it to the front, the pressure heats up, with many sites giving a strict time limit to select your tickets and make the purchase. Should you overrun your time limit by even a second, you will find yourself booted out and having to start the entire process once again.

However, many a BoxOfficeTicketSales.com review shows that the secondhand ticket market has the real advantage here, as you are allowed time to make your choice and perform a secure ticket purchase without the feeling of the next person in line biting at your heels.

Helps Prevent Ticket Touts

Regulated marketplaces often have deals in place whereby they have permission to resell tickets on the understanding that a percentage of the profit is relinquished back to the original promotor – be this the sports club or performer themselves.

This is vastly different from a traditional ticket tout, who may even be found outside the venue itself. Often, tickets bought from them will come with a major inflation in price with no profit whatsoever reaching the theaters, venues, or artists themselves.

Less Empty Seats and Greater Fan Satisfaction

Although world-famous performers such as Adele or esteemed productions like Hamilton on Broadway will probably guarantee a full house night after night, even these highly sought-after shows occasionally have spare seats by the time of the event.

Using secondhand ticket sites to redistribute unwanted or un-needed tickets to others will only increase and improve the atmosphere for all the fans attending.


With secondhand market sites, you can buy your tickets as and when you want. Forget having to fight thousands to log on at a specific time and instead choose to buy when you have a leisurely space of time at your fingertips.

Guaranteed Authenticity

Well-regulated marketplaces are vigilant in their mission to only ever provide valid and authentic tickets to be sold to their customers. Fakes are neither tolerated nor accepted, meaning you will never have to run the risk of being turned away at the door with no seat – and poorer for it to boot.

End up with Better Seats than You Paid for

Picture the scene: you buy yourself and your friends three tickets to see Six on Broadway. Now, you’re not a millionaire, so you opt for balcony seats and hope for the best. But when your tickets are sent through, you find you’ve been given front-row mezzanine seats, giving you the best view in the house!

It might seem farfetched, but many marketplaces do indeed offer a guarantee that they will give you ‘as paid for’ or ‘better than’ tickets, depending on their availability.

Cancellation Refunds

Nowadays, the outlay for tickets to big events, even secondhandedly, can be large. As such, it can be a worry, particularly in the current climate, that another COVID-19 wave or perhaps venue problems will cause the cancellation of the event you were so looking forward to.

In comparison to typical ticket touts, secondhand marketplaces will give you a full refund should the event be permanently canceled, so you can rest assured you’ll get your money back in such a case.

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