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Microsoft Planner is a web-based tool for optimizing project processes in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft development companies use this and recommend it as a must for the modern style of working in businesses worldwide. Let’s take a closer look at how efficient the tool really is and how it optimizes teamwork.

What exactly does the Microsoft Planner do?

Microsoft Planner is a simple, collaborative project management tool. Core functions are task management, project status overview and shared file storage. These functions are supplemented by a shared project calendar, a project chat, a project inbox with its own e-mail address and a shared project notebook. A plan with members can be created for each project.

Who is the tool best for?

The easy-to-use tool enables task planning and the handling of small projects without complex planning efforts. With the Microsoft Planner, you can efficiently allocate and organize times and tasks. In addition, deadlines can be set, files can be shared and, of course, team members can also communicate with each other centrally via the platform.

How do I use Microsoft Planner?

Microsoft Planner not only makes it easier to manage project tasks and personal tasks but also promotes collaboration by seamlessly integrating into your Microsoft 365 environment. You can access SharePoint, Outlook or OneNote directly from a plan.

Microsoft development companies have come up with different ideas of using different SharePoint features for more productivity spending less amount of time. Plans can also be created via Microsoft Teams or linked to tasks from Microsoft Project. Microsoft Planner can be reached via a web app, a mobile app and directly via Microsoft Teams.

All advantages at a glance

In order to give you a short and concise overview of the main advantages of Microsoft Planner, here is a brief summary:

Clear teamwork: Each of your plans can be displayed in different overviews and tasks can be sorted by the due date, category, processor or status. You can also easily move tasks by dragging and dropping them.

Everything in one place: In Planner, you can manage all your projects in one place. Integration with Office 365 gives you the ability to have discussions with other team members, attach files to tasks, and edit them.

Transparent working: Tasks can be easily assigned to team members and everyone within the team can see who is currently working on which tasks.

Work from anywhere: Thanks to the Planner app, you can not only use Planner from your PC or laptop but also access your plans on the go from your smartphone and find out about the latest status.

Never miss a thing again: Stay up-to-date with email notifications. You’ll get an instant notification when you’ve been assigned a task or added to a plan.

Ease of use: You can open Microsoft Planner from Microsoft 365 with just one click. The application is very intuitive thanks to the familiar Microsoft interface and features such as drag & drop. With just a few clicks you can create new plans, add teams, assign tasks and edit them.

Optimize your project flows and relieve your team

The Microsoft Planner makes it easy for you and your team to optimize processes and save resources. Always keep an overview of everything and save time and money by working more efficiently.

Create a plan:

Use the Microsoft Planner to create a plan for the entire project, including all stages of your project, from planning to deployment.

You can use the Microsoft Planner to:

  • Identify bottlenecks and potential risks that could slow down your project
  • Define milestones and track progress using the Project dashboard
  • Create and maintain a high-level plan for your project and monitor progress
  • Use the Microsoft Planner to create a plan for the entire project, including all stages of your project, from planning to deployment.

Final Words:

The Microsoft Planner is a simple tool with great benefits. It can help you manage your work and personal life. You can use it to plan, organize, and track your tasks, projects, appointments, and deadlines.

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