How to conduct Crypto Marketing on Discord:  6 Definitive Guides on Creating an Engaged Community

Multiple channels exist to conduct your crypto marketing. As a professional marketer, one of the best platforms that you need to consider in your crypto marketing strategy is Discord. Discord is a free channel with voice and text features. Initially, it was designed to facilitate communication within the gaming communities. However, its unique features make it suitable for crypto marketing. Most blockchain fans hang out in Discord, making the platform the best for crypto community building. We offer tips and tricks for creating an engaged discord crypto community.

Why Discord Crypto Marketing?

Discord is a community channel that has multiple perks for crypto marketing. If you find it difficult to explore its perks, you can hire an experienced crypto marketing agency to help you.

Discord has powerful features besides being a texting platform, such as bots, servers, and channels. Here is an explanation of these features:

  • Servers: These resemble groups on other platforms that have channels where individuals converse multiple themes on various chat windows. Any individual can develop their server. When creating a server, you should be prepared to moderate, follow guidelines, and create an enabling environment for meaningful conversations.
  • Channels: These are subdivisions of servers. They block clutter on conversation windows. Channels also enable individuals to interact and find others with the same interests.
  • Bots: These are pieces of software that can originate discussions, set up games, and respond to customer queries.

Benefits of using Discord for crypto marketing

Here are some perks of marketing discord:

  • You can promote multiple crypto projects
  • You can grab attention by interacting with multiple servers
  • You can target relevant communities, like developers

Strategies of creating a discord crypto community

Now that you understand the features that make Discord stand out, let’s focus on creating a crypto community discord for marketing.

  1. Set up your server

Discord servers host communities. Each crypto community must host its server and create multiple channels for particular conversations. For smooth marketing on Discord, you can create channels such as roadmaps, tokenomics, airdrops, announcements, technical discussions, etc. This helps group members to know the specific category to drop their queries or recommendations.

When creating the server, it’s essential to provide details to individuals on the benefits of joining a community. Furthermore, you should explain the objectives of your community.

  1. Gather dedicated supporters

Now that you’ve set up your community and explained its purpose, the next step in discord marketing is to advertise your community to different individuals. It would help if you also informed them about the benefits of joining your community. You can also promote your Discord community through your other social media platforms.

  1. Organize your server

To ensure that your discussions are well organized, it’s advisable to keep sub-channels. The sub-channels are sub-communities on your server that focus on particular topics. It’s advisable to create permissions to specific channels. This ensures that only authorized individuals will participate in those discussions. Furthermore, this approach ensures that the meetings run smoothly and that the medium is neat.

  1. Post relevant content to enhance traction

Marketing discord requires sharing of relevant content. Discord servers can help you to share appropriate content with your community. Some of the contents you can share and gain traction include articles, tweets, memes, blog links, and GIFs.

  1. Join new channels relevant to your business

A powerful crypto marketing strategy requires that you collaborate with like-minded people. Once you create your Discord servers, joining like-minded individuals via new channels is vital. This tactic helps to boost your brand’s reach. Find relevant Discord servers to join that can increase your marketing discord.

  1. Handle end-user issues

Any crypto marketing strategy requires that you handle and resolve end-user queries promptly. Your discord crypto community members may encounter some challenges with your brand. Or they might want some clarifications of specific matters. It’s essential to respond to queries straight away. You can also set chatbots to assist you when you’re unavailable.


Discord is a perfect crypto marketing platform to create and grow your community. Through the platform, you can engage your discord crypto community and popularize your project to it. With multiple channels, discord marketing allows you to focus each community member on specific topics. Here we’ve explored the strategies of creating an engaged crypto community discord for your brand.

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