How To Find Spotify Discovered On Playlists With Playlist Supply

Playlist Supply is a solution to speed up the playlist-finding process for artists and their teams and increase productivity overall. The solution is beneficial for niche genres and anyone trying to enhance their Spotify traffic, according to Benjamin Stein, the CEO and co-founder of Playlist Supply. A recent upgrade from Playlist Supply introduced new criteria for precisely targeting Discovered On Playlists. The Playlist Supply Organic Playlist Search function offers artists a ground-breaking chance to directly target Discovered On playlists only and drastically reduce time spent looking for the best Spotify playlists Contact us for curators to advertise.

The functioning of Playlist Supply

Indie artists will find it difficult to advertise their music in 2022, but there are several solutions to make simpler. One of these methods is to get on Spotify playlists by contacting playlist curators. The majority of Spotify playlists created by these independent playlist curators and essential tools for artists to gain more streams and fans. The finest Spotify playlist research tool is Playlist Supply, which can assist you in adding your songs to Spotify Playlists. Just type your search parameters (such as Pop, Hip-Hop, Workout, etc.) into our search bar, and we’ll show you a list of Spotify playlists along the curator’s contact details.

Playlist Supply: How to Use

The Playlist Supply Quick Search

It’s easy to use and effective to get listed on a playlist with Playlist Supply. You can enter anything and obtain results using their “Keyword Search” feature. The most efficient method is to identify the relevant keywords and limit your search to that area. “Keywords” include things like “Country,” “City,” “Language,” “Emotion,” “Location,” “Workout,” “Trends,” and “TikTok,” among others.

You must fill out the criteria section to complete your search. It is the standard by which you can get in touch with a play lister. The most efficient method is email, but you can also look up social media handles and email addresses of musicians who sound similar.

Search by Keyword in Playlist Supply

Your results will have the precise criteria you selected in the keyword area if you click the “Exact” button. The search will contain those phrases someplace if you’re looking for “Heavy Rock” specifically.

Other criteria are as follows:

It will provide playlist results from spectrum artists and playlists without contact details. This criterion is typically applied to various types of research, A&Rs, or individuals looking for playlists without contact information.

Social– With Twitter and Instagram as the top priorities, this will return the play lister’s tags. Through DM connections, this is fantastic for more natural outreach.

Facebook – Results will displayed on the playlist’s Instagram handle.

Instagram – Results will displayed on the playlist’s Twitter handle.

Identical Artist – It searches for all artists are comparable to the one you provide in the Keyword field. It mainly benefits artists that have larger audiences and more popular genres.

Artist and email similarity– It simultaneously emails for playlists and searches musicians are similar to any artist you enter. In one option, the Email search and the Similar Artist search combined. 

Results of a Keyword Search– When the system displays your results, it offers you the playlist’s name, owner, last update date, number of followers, and Spotify popularity score (which ranges from 0 to 100). (The higher number being the most popular).

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