Is Sair Khan From Coronation Street Pregnant? Who is Sair Khan? Personal Challenges!

Is Sair Khan From Coronation Street Pregnant

In the world of showbiz, rumors often swirl, and celebrities frequently find themselves at the center of speculation. One such celebrity who faced pregnancy rumors is Sair Khan, known for her role on the popular ITV soap opera, Coronation Street. In this article, we will delve into the rumors surrounding Sair Khan’s pregnancy and also get to know more about the talented actress herself.

The Pregnancy Rumors

In February 2020, during her birthday celebration in the scenic Lake District, Sair Khan found herself amidst pregnancy rumors. This buzz was sparked by a picture she posted on Instagram, where she appeared to be cradling her stomach. Fans and followers quickly speculated about whether she was expecting a child.

However, Khan wasted no time in addressing the rumors. In the comments section of her post, she clarified that she was not pregnant. Instead, she humorously attributed her appearance to a “food baby.” This light-hearted response put an end to the pregnancy speculation.

A Glimpse into Sair Khan’s Life

To understand the context of these rumors, it’s essential to know more about Sair Khan and the challenges she has faced in recent years.

Personal Challenges

Sair Khan’s journey in the public eye took a significant turn when she participated in the reality series “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” in 2018. The show, aired on ITV, put her in a unique and challenging environment, where she had to navigate the Australian jungle and face various trials. This experience showcased her resilience and determination, earning her respect from viewers.

Unfortunately, the challenges didn’t end there for Khan. In 2019, she suffered the devastating loss of her mother, which undoubtedly took an emotional toll on her. It was also the year when she experienced a breakup with Simon Lennon. The breakup was reportedly a result of the emotional strain Khan endured while learning to swim for a TV show.

Despite these personal challenges, Khan continued to shine in her role on Coronation Street, which marked its 60th anniversary in 2020. The show’s enduring popularity is a testament to its humor and kitchen-sink realism, and Khan’s contribution to it has been noteworthy.

Who is Sair Khan?

Sair Khan is a talented British actress known for her portrayal of Alya Nazir on Coronation Street since 2014. Her journey into acting began at the National Youth Theatre when she was just 17 years old. In 2011, she made her television debut with a role in BBC’s “Doctors.”

However, it was her role as Alya Nazir on ITV’s Coronation Street, which she started in June 2014, that catapulted her to widespread recognition. Her compelling performance even earned her a nomination for Best Newcomer at the National Television Awards in 2015.

Beyond her soap opera success, Sair Khan ventured into the world of reality TV by participating in the eighteenth series of “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” in November 2018. While she may not have won the competition, her participation showcased her versatility and added another dimension to her career.

Sair Khan’s Age

As of now, Sair Khan, born on February 11, 1988, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, is currently 35 years old. Her journey in the entertainment industry has been both inspiring and eventful, starting with her National Youth Theatre days and leading to her prominent role on Coronation Street.

Sair Khan’s Love Life

Sair Khan’s love life has also been in the public eye. After her split with Emmerdale’s Simon Lennon in 2019, due to conflicting schedules, she found love again. The Sun Online exclusively revealed her new romance with chiropractor Nathan Chilton, who is not a public figure and was introduced to Sair through mutual friends. The couple openly shared their joy on social media, embarking on romantic getaways and expressing mutual admiration.

Sair’s ex-boyfriend, Simon, went on to land a role in Emmerdale after their breakup. While her previous relationship faced challenges, her current connection with Nathan seems to be bringing newfound happiness into her life.


1. Is Sair Khan pregnant?

No, Sair Khan faced pregnancy rumors in February 2020, but she clarified on Instagram that the appearance was due to a “food baby.”

2. Who is Sair Khan?

Sair Khan is a British actress known for playing Alya Nazir on Coronation Street since 2014. She participated in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2018.

3. Why did Sair Khan and Simon Lennon break up?

Sair Khan and Simon Lennon ended their two-year relationship in 2019 due to conflicting schedules and the emotional toll of Sair’s commitment to learning to swim for “Sink Or Swim.”

4. What other challenges has Sair Khan faced in her personal life?

Sair Khan faced personal challenges, including the loss of her mother in 2019 and emotional struggles during her participation in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! and “Sink Or Swim.”

5. What recognition has Coronation Street achieved?

Coronation Street, where Sair Khan plays Alya Nazir, is the world’s longest-running television soap opera. It celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2020 and has consistently maintained popularity for its humor and kitchen-sink realism.

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Sair Khan’s journey has been marked by challenges, both personal and professional. However, her resilience and talent have shone through, making her a beloved figure among fans of Coronation Street and reality TV enthusiasts alike. As she continues to make her mark in the entertainment industry, we can expect to see more of Sair Khan’s remarkable journey unfold.

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