Light Period? Here’s Why!

Women who experience constant cramps and pain in the abdominal region must discuss their symptoms with the best gynecologist in Lahore. The doctor will consult relevant tests to diagnose the cause and provide guidance regarding treatment options and lifestyle changes that can help recover without further complications.

Most women become conscious if their blood flow is unusual. It is essential to understand the cause of the light period. The awareness will help make relevant changes to enhance the overall physical and psychological health. The common causes of having a light period are:

  • Age Factor: Women in their late thirties may notice the change in the period flow. The low production of estrogen can cause the women to experience breast tenderness and a light period. The women notice the change during menopause. Menopause is a natural transition that can cause mood swings and changes in the period cycle; however, women must not overthink and keep going with the flow.
  • Underweight: The girls in their teenagers can suffer from either light or heavy periods. Underweight girls are more likely to experience a lighter period. Women who have to reduce a lot of weight are more likely to experience a change in their blood flow. There is a correlation between body weight and the regulation of hormones. The body cannot function properly with a change in hormonal levels.
  • Dietary Intake: Girls with unhealthy dietary intake and poor sleep patterns are at a high risk of suffering from a change in their menstrual cycle. Intake of sugary items and processed food can affect hormonal levels and lead to irregular periods and changes in body weight.
  • Eating Disorders: Women diagnosed with bulimia and anorexia nervosa are more likely to have low body weight. It causes the women to experience a change in the period cycle. Women suffering from an eating disorder are more likely to experience irregular periods and anxiety.
  • Anxiety and Stress: The workload and personal relationships can cause the person to remain stressed. The stress blocks the release of the hormones responsible for period regulation. Women who remain stressed regarding personal or professional life are more likely to experience changes in their period flow and cycle. Hence, women must understand the effect of their actions on their physical and mental health. They must learn breathing exercises that can help manage the stress and improve their bodily functions.
  • Engaging in Excessive Physical Exertion: Women who engage in heavy lifting and exercises are more likely to experience a change in the period cycle. A low BMI can affect the period flow. Sportswomen are more likely to experience the change in their period flow.
  • Using Birth Control: The hormonal birth control pills are widely used by women around the globe. It affects the release of the egg that causes hindrance in creating a thick uterus lining. It affects the period flow. Women should not become conscious if they experience a lighter period after taking hormonal birth control.
  • Suffering from PCOS: It is a condition in which the eggs stop maturing, causing the individual to have irregular periods. Women who miss their period for more than three months should consult a doctor. The symptoms of PCOS include hirsutism, obesity, and change in the menstruation cycle.
  • You’re Pregnant: The pregnant women may only experience spotting, which is normal. Also, breastfeeding mothers may experience light period flow. The milk production hormone can affect the period cycle.
  • Recent Surgery: Women who have been through a surgical procedure are more to notice a change in the period flow. It gets better with time; hence, the person should not be conscious and focus on the lifestyle that can help improve their physical health.

Women who experience unusual vaginal discharge and pain in the abdominal region before their period must visit the best gynecologist in Karachi. The doctor will evaluate the severity of the condition and provide information regarding the most effective and latest treatment options.

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