How to Maximize Your Exhibit Space during Trade Show

How do you manage to fit your huge trade show ambitions into the more space of a few square feet? Maximizing your space is one of the biggest challenges you must be facing while planning a trade show booth. Proper space is required to create an inviting space for the visitors to explore and reflect your brand properly. Every exhibit wants to show off its products in a unique way without making its booth look cluttered or disjointed.

This must be sounding quite a task, right?

Luckily, using some creative tips with the right kind of trade show booth, you can easily fit all your key components into your exhibition space. This can be done without making any big compromises to the look of your booth, your branding, or your customer experience.

Here we have listed a few points to help you to make the most out of a few square feet while planning your next trade show.


While planning for your booth, keep in mind that you can utilize each and everything from the floor up. This means that you can use your wall space while determining factors like where to place your digital screens, how and where to display products, or where to put your other important stuff. This will give you clear space on your table for things like sign-up forms, or other interactive elements that you need to keep close.

You can also use your walls to display your products attractively which can be a great way to turn the heads up of visitors. You can also use the right kind of lights around your products on the wall to give an eye-catching look to your booth. This can help to catch the attention of your targeted visitors.


In case you have extremely small booth space, you can use digital devices to keep plies of flyers or pamphlets off the tablespace.

For an exemplar, you can use a large digital screen on the wall to convey your brand story or display various product options. This will not only minimize the space taken up by papers and physical assets but will also help you to add a distinctive visual element to your booth. Digital devices seem more attractive than physical ones and can increase visitor engagement at the booth.


In case you are exhibiting for a few days repeatedly and are unsure about the number of products you need to bring along, you have to think about the storage space for your extra products at your booth.

To plan this in a proper way, you can think about “Dual-purpose” areas for storage. For this, you can use a display cube that props signage or product and has one open side that you can towards the booth and use to store products. You can always use the space below the table, but make sure that you are using floor-length tablecloths to cover that.

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