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A Victorian lady that belonged towards the royal family, and it was respected by many people all over the world. She also offers a household tree which provides an intensive explanation of her family. If you wish to find out more, stick to the following section.

In the following paragraphs we’ve researched this Courbebaisse Mary-Antoinette and her existence story to supply much more about her genealogy. The facts of her family tree, which connects her grandma and grandpa to her children. Let’s discuss her thorough.

About Mary Antoinette

Her date of birth was December 12, 1864 in Rochefort, Charente Maritime. She only agreed to be 69 years of age old when she died in dying around 1933. Her family members have a sizable background, known as a sizable family tree that is identified by everybody. She was engaged with Rene Maurice Schwob in 1887. Furthermore, as you can see concerning the Marie-Antoinette of Courbebaisse ,we have to have discussed the kids and grandchildren’s existence having a brief introductions. Mary Antoinette has two kids of her very own.

  • Mary Antoinetter Parents
  • Her parents’ names were
  • Emile Marie Victor Courbebaisse- who had been Ingenieur General Genie maritime et Directeur plusieurs Constructions navales.
  • Marie Alexandrine Lucie Gatine- who had been along with Mary Antoinetter till 1932.
  • We’ll now uncover the facts of her Personal Performances.

Other Personal Information.

  • Mary Antoinette get wed within an relatives by having an extensive genealogy.
  • Her husband was her until 1928. He died soon after the dying of his wife because of some condition.
  • In discussing Courbebaisse Mary-Antoinette ,we arrived at discover the information on her relatives, her parents along with other family people. We are able to examine them thoroughlyand thorough.
  • Mary Antoinette has two children. One of these is really a girl and also the second is among the boys. Who’s Georges Paul Victor Schwob and Lucy Renee Mathilde Schwob?
  • There’s two siblings, Marie Leonie Jane Courbebaisse along with the other is Paul Emile Albert Courtbebaisse.
  • The facts of her sister’s wedding weren’t pointed out anywhere.

Let’s discuss Courbebaisse Mary-Antoinette parents yet others who’re named here. of those people shows up-

  • Pierre Philippe Toussaint Courbebaisse
  • Catherine Rosalie Larmandie
  • Antoine Alphonse Courbebaisse
  • This is actually the name of her maternal grandma and grandpa along with the names of various other
  • Ambroise Alexandre Gatine.
  • Eulalie Perrine Augustine Victoire Egault Plusieurs Noes
  • Marie Eulalie Ambroisine Leonie Gatine
  • Marie Alexandre Albert Gatine
  • Georges Paul Victor Schwob, who had been married around the nights 1910.
  • Lucy Mathilde Schwob was involved with an intimate affair with Suzanne Alberte Malherbe from 1909.
  • The facts pointed out listed here are some research obtainable in the net. We’re just supplying it.


Courbebaisse Mary-Antoinette is really a large family tree, including all grandma and grandpa on every side of her parents, in addition to her children. She will explain the household tree properly utilizing an excellent flow chart which makes everything really is easy. Our research about her has revealed her as a person who supported the significance of a sizable family. In connection with this, you might be wondering much more about her existence read this article.

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