Optiguard Camera Review 2023: Is the Optiguard Camera Worth Your Investment?

Optiguard Camera Review

According To – Optiguard Camera Review 2023: Is this truly an effective security camera? Check, Did you come across the Optiguard Camera while searching for a reliable and easy-to-use security camera? Wondering if Optiguard Camera is the best camera that will help you enhance your surveillance? Read until the end to find out if it is worth your money.

The internet is full of products claiming to provide the best services available in the market. This is due to the fact that people are always searching for ways to get quality services at a lower cost. Thus, it is imperative to tread with caution.

Cameras from Optiguard

Optiguard Camera is a security camera that is said to be capable of helping you protect your home, business or office. According to the manufacturers, this camera has built-in features that provides you with a 360° degrees panoramic viewing area which can be monitored in real-time and it also comes with function to scare off intruders in order to safeguard your home, office or garage. This means that you can see the inside of your home, hear and talk back on your smartphone no matter where you are, with Optiguard HD video and built-in infrared night vision.

The question now is: Does Optiguard Camera work as advertised? We’ll find out soon enough.

Optiguard features

With a 1080P camera and 360-degree rotation, the Optiguard light bulb camera lets you see, hear, and speak to your loved ones even when you aren’t at home. It also works without batteries and wires. All you need is the app, which is available on both Android and iOS.

Installing and configuring

  • Setup of this camera involves the following steps
  • The first step is to turn off the light bulb socket
  • Connect the camera’s E26/E27 socket to your regular light bulb socket
  • Connect the camera to the app by scanning the QR code on the camera
  • Install the app on your smartphone in step 4
  • The last step is to turn on your WiFi (Optiguard security cameras are compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi)
  • You are now ready to watch recorded or live videos on your phone.

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The pros

  • The camera has a high resolution
  • Installs easily
  • Connects to your phone or tablet
  • Full-color night vision with infrared and white LEDs


Discount that is ridiculous

Optiguard cameras are being offered at a 50% discount on their website. Furthermore, they are offering free shipping on orders over $69. Offering mouth watering discounts is one of the tactics used by shady product providers to entice customers to purchase a product as quickly as possible. When shopping online, we advise our readers to be cautious and carry out due diligence.

Configuration is difficult

The configuration of this surveillance camera takes more time than the installation. It cannot be used in places with no constant supply of electricity since it does not use batteries.

Claims that are false

According to the manufacturer, Optiguard does not provide the desired satisfaction. All the benefits it claims are just bogus claims to get people to buy the product.

Online reviews that are negative

In spite of the fact that they provide positive reviews on their website, we found some negative reviews from users of this product on Trustpilot. Unfortunately, these reviews are not honest ones. In addition to complaining that their camera wasn’t delivered, some were dissatisfied with the product they received. They don’t have an email address, so it is impossible to get a refund.

What is the value of Optiguard Camera?

The Optiguard is a surveillance camera that is claimed to be able to help you monitor your home and office effectively. However, we do not endorse this product due to several negative customer reviews we found online.

No doubt, light bulb cameras are a good way of protecting your home from intruders, but we advise buyers to always carry out due diligence before buying any of these cameras products to avoid regret. The market is filled with fakes. Other products we’ve reviewed include Sea Scouts blackhead remover, Hyperarch Motion Shoes, and Liba Weight Loss capsules.

Could you tell us about your experience with Optiguard Camera in the comment section? Did it work for you?Optiguard Camera Review 2023: Is this truly an effective security camera? Check

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