Top 14 Best Places to Visit in London With Friends

London is the best and most wonderful major tourist destination in the world.  London is a city situated on the banks of the River Thames in southeast England, full of medieval buildings, attractive museums, and theatres. Having preserved its history and cultures, this city is also at the forefront of the future. London has its own identity in the world for its cultural heritage, economy, politics, fashion,

Millions of tourists from all over the world come to visit London every year. Last year more than 21 million international tourists came to London to see this city with a population of 8 million. Every year the number of tourists coming to London is growing. There are many reasons for this. “Tourist Place in London” There are many places of interest in London. Getting around here is very easy. London has the best large metro network in the world.

Top and Best 14 Tourist Place in London

London is the most famous city in England. Last year around one million Indians visited London. If you ever go to London, then you must go to see 14 tourist places from London.

  1. Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum
Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum here is the world’s greatest museum of pretty arts and design. It’s home to stunning collections of furniture, textiles, ceramics, glass, jewellery, and more. If you’re a fan of design, you’ll love spending time in this museum. The collections are constantly changing and evolving, so you can visit again and again and always see something new.

  1. National Gallery

National Gallery
National Gallery

The National Gallery is one of the most popular tourist destinations in London, and for good reason. It is home to one of the finest collections of European art in the world, with works from masters like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Botticelli. The gallery is free to visit, and with its central location, it’s easy to find.

  1. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is mostly famous tourist charm in London. It’s the official residence of the British monarch and is used for ceremonial and state occasions. You can tour the palace grounds and see the well-known changing of the guard ceremony. If you’re looking for a quintessential London experience, Buckingham Palace is a must-visit.

  1. British Museum

British Museum
British Museum

One of the world’s most famous museums, the British Museum is a must-visit for anyone who loves history and culture. With a huge collection of artifacts from all over the world, it’s the perfect place to learn about the human story. Highlights include the Rosetta stone, the Parthenon sculptures, and the mummies in the Ancient Egyptian section. If you’re short on time, make sure to check out the museum’s newest exhibit, “Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story.”

  1. Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge

It is the best iconic landmark in London. It was completed in 1894 and is now a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The two towers, which give the bridge its name, were built over the River Thames in order to allow ships to pass through. The bridge is open to pedestrians and cyclists, who can enjoy stunning views of London from the elevated walkways.

  1. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a huge cathedral in London and stationed at the west end of Westminster. This cathedral is the most famous in the whole of the United Kingdom. The coronation of the royal families of England also takes place in this cathedral. Millions of tourists visit Westminster Abbey every year to see this 700-year-old building. Here audio guides are available for tourists in 11 languages. In the last few years, there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of Indian tourists visiting here.

Westminster Abbey has the status of a World Heritage Place by UNESCO. To reach Westminster Abbey London, you can travel by London Tube (London Underground Rail is called London Tube). The nearest stop is Circle, District, and Jubilee Lines. If you want to come by train, Parliament Square / Westminster Abbey (P) railway station is about 84 meters from there. Westminster Abbey Westminster (X) is 215 meters away, and Parliament Square (C) is 259 meters away.

  1. Palace of Westminster

Palace of Westminster
Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster is known as the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, both houses of Britain. This building has been the center of London’s political life from the beginning. In 1834, there was a fierce fire in this building. Both the houses of Parliament were completely destroyed when the fire came under the influence.

Many nearby buildings were also destroyed by fire. Westminster Hall suffered less damage due to its favourable wind direction. Some buildings, such as the Jewel Tower, the Under Craft Chapel, the Cloisters, and the Chapter House of St. Stephen, also survived because of their adaptability to the wind.

  1. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the residence of the British Queen as well as the main administrative office in London. This building is always in discussion for its interior decoration, the dress of courtiers, coronation, state banquet, and other events. The Royal Garden of Buckingham Palace is one of the largest and most beautiful gardens in the whole of London; Buckingham Palace London was first opened to the general public in 1993. Since then it has been opened to the general public every year during the summer holidays in April-September when the Queen is not there. Thousands of people come here every year to roam and make picnics.

  1. London Eye

Coca Cola London Eye is called the heart of the city of London. It is built on the River Thames, just opposite the Parliament of Britain and Big Ben. This is a giant Paris wheel. It is also known as Millennium Wheel. Its height is 443 feet. It is made of 32 capsules of glass. 25 people are allowed to travel in each capsule.

The London Eye moves slowly so that the tourist can enjoy panoramic views of the city from inside the capsule. London Eye is open for tourists throughout the year. In India, the number of tourists that the Taj Mahal receives in a year, London Eye receives many more tourists London. If you are traveling to London, then definitely go to London Eye once. Especially when children are traveling with you.

  1. Tower of London

Built on the banks of the River Thames in the heart of London, this fort was built by William in 1078. Long ago it used to be a royal residence, later the royal prisoners were kept here. The Tower of London has been the witness of many death sentences and murders. This is how Emperor Henry Atom had his wife Ann Boleyn beheaded. Presently the Raj family does not live here. But the royal jewellery of the royal families is kept safe even today.

23578 jewels of royal families are kept in the Tower of London. The world’s most famous diamond 105 carat Kohinoor is also kept here. UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Site. It is open to tourists throughout the year, the tour ticket here is 16.5 pounds (1520 rupees) for adults, 14 pounds (1330 rupees) for students, and children under 5 years old are free.

  1. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the most prominent park in Central London. It is the largest park among the eight Royal Parks of London. People often come here for open-air hangouts away from the urban congestion. It is good to come here in the summer, at that time there are open-air film screenings, concerts, etc.

Hyde Park remains a bit quiet in winters, but during Christmas, it gets a bit hustle and bustle for a few days. At that time, many types of events are held here to see which tourists come here from far and wide. Rock concerts are also often held in Hyde Park.

  1. Big Ben

 The picture of London seems incomplete without Big Ben and famous tourist spots in the world. But foreign tourists are forbidden to go inside it and it’s interior. The weight of the clock in Big Ben is about 13 tons. It is also known as Clock Tower. At night, the clock is illuminated with a special light, which is very exciting to see.

  1. The performance of Harry Potter

Happy for all Harry Potter fans, this one will give you a look at how the film is made and you will face the incredible and magical sets. Visitors can take a guided tour or explore and explore famous movie venues such as The Great Hall. One can also read the whole recording experience. Tickets include transit to and from London-based studios and admission.

  1. Notting Hill Gate

One of the places you will definitely not want to miss out on your trip to England is Notting Hill. One of the richest and most influential places in England is known for its many cultures and cosmopolitanism. Navigating the area you will see beautiful pastel houses and vintage pastel cars outside these houses.

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