Top healthy foods that one can have in breakfast!

Healthy eating has always been the talk of the town, and even more in this era of social media. Today, anyone becomes a health expert by posting short videos on Instagram and TikTok. But that’s not what one should aspire to do or follow as it can be risky.

cFood is the fuel for the body on which the whole functioning of the body depends. MOSA whipper cream charger Hence, it must be a conscious decision to choose what to eat. But this does not happen rather, we eat whatever tastes good without even thinking about its consequences.

A normal person usually eats three times a day, first meal i.e., breakfast, lunch in the afternoon and dinner at night. All of the meals are equally important but one can definitely say that breakfast is the most important. Being the first meal, it sets the tone of the entire day. Breakfast can decide your mood, efficiency and mental space for the day. Hence, it becomes extremely important to choose healthy foods for breakfast. In this article, we shall discuss top healthy foods for breakfast to begin your day with a bang so that you don’t need the help of any pills from to energise yourself.


It is often assumed or almost believed that healthy foods cannot be tasty and vice-versa. But the sandwich is one such dish that has busted this myth in every aspect. Made with two slices of bread and stuffed with fillings. The filling between the bread is the most important item, it decides whether the sandwich is healthy or not. The sandwich usually available in restaurants has fried chicken as fillings. Just replacing the filling with something healthy such as a mix of raw vegetables makes it a healthy option for breakfast. To increase taste but not degrade nutritious value one can sprinkle oregano, black pepper and ketchup.

Sandwich is a light dish therefore; your digestive system need not work very hard to break it down. So, the chances of constipation and poor bowel are very less and you can have it full stomach.


Another food featured in the list of top healthy breakfasts is none other than oats or oatmeal, whatever you may call it. Oats are one of the abundant sources of dietary fibre that makes it nutritionists’ favourite food. Oats provide luxury to the person due to a variety of ways to make it. The simplest way of cooking oats is by adding them to hot milk or water. To increase the taste, add a tablespoon of honey. Avoid adding sugar as it will make it unhealthy and make you a possible diabetic patient. To enhance the richness, you can add your favourite dry fruits such as pistachios, cashew, almonds and walnut etc. These make oats as complete as dry fruits are compact but stored form of energy. A handful of dry fruits almost equal a meal. Hence, one can imagine the intensity of the oatmeal with dry fruits, and full energy for the day. No need to check Cenforce 100 mg Sildenafil Price if one takes oats for breakfast.

Rice/flour noodles

Noodles are often considered unhealthy food items. Our teachers, doctors, parents and health experts have told us since childhood to remain away from noodles. But we hardly listened to their advice unless we get affected by some disease. And in the true sense, packed noodles are extremely hazardous to the digestive system and overall health of the body and mind. Those noodles are made with refined flour that sticks to the intestines and gut. This results in indigestion and poor bowel. But here, we are talking not about refined flour noodles but rice and flour noodles that are too homemade.

In the Ladakh region of India, Tibetan cuisine includes handmade noodles that are made at home. The main ingredient in the noodles is flour. Whereas in Japan, South Korea and such nations people almost daily eat rice noodles. Be it flour noodles or rice noodles; they are much healthier than readymade noodles.


Want some, protein, what’s better than eggs. Starting your day with eggs is the best thing to build a healthy body. Eggs are one of the cheapest and most easily available food on the whole list. With eggs, one can replenish the carbohydrate, protein and fat requirements of the body. Many health-conscious people only eat egg white excluding the yolk because it contains a considerable amount of fat. With eggs, one can try his/her cooking skills. For example, if you have very less time then, simply boil the eggs. You can also make scrambled eggs or poached eggs by partially boiling the eggs. Sprinkle black pepper, table salt and some salad to add some cooling effect to counter the heat of the egg.


Using Cenforce 200 and Fildena is the result if one does not make a conscious decision by picking a healthy breakfast. So, what are you waiting for, get yourself any food from the list and give yourself a boost of energy?

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