Travelling in California Brings the Happiest Touch in The Depth of Your Heart

If you have a desire for international travelling with natural beauties, you must select California. California is formed with mecca of celebrity culture in the USA. Here you can get in touch with Hollywood, the famous film studios and even you will have the touch of an amusement park. The location is also the home of Silicon Valley, the headquarters of many big tech companies. The visitors will have the opportunity to see giant redwoods, deserts, rock, and sweeping landscapes. The place is the combined form of several cities that will surely provide tourists with a high level of charm. Just come to know the details mentioned below.

  1. Santa Cruz – Santa Cruz is located on the northern shore of Monterey Bay and it lies to the south of San Jose & San Francisco. It is famous for its beautiful beach where you can spend some time with your family. Here the tourists will have an opportunity for paddle boarding, sailing, and surfing. Santa Cruz also has fun and downtown home of great restaurants, bars, shops. Moreover, nearby the place, you will see Natural Bridges, State Beach, and Big Basin.
  2. Sonoma Valley – Sonoma Valley lies at the north of the city and not far from San Pablo Bay. The fertile land of the valley is famous for its vineyards and wineries and as a result, California is world-famous for its wide industry. Sonoma Valley has lots of picturesque places and in Sonoma town; you can find several famous restaurants. The place will give you an opportunity for hiking and cycling.
  3. Santa Monica – Santa Monica is bordered on three sides by Los Angeles. It is a laidback beachfront city that gives a welcome respite around the home Hollywood. It is an old-fashioned amusement park where you can do sports with a huge Ferris wheel. Santa Monica has a thriving alternative scene for visitors with art galleries and street murals. Here you can have experience of great bars, restaurants, hotels, and shops.
  4. Palm Springs – Palm Springs becomes a year-round desert playground connected with the Los Angles with Arizona. It is a good location for golf games in the winter season. The city was once popular for college students and it comes with modern architecture in home and business buildings. Palm Springs is the perfect place for tourists and travelers. There should be an opportunity for hiking nearby the desert. Here you will visit the San Jacinto Mountains including a plethora of museums.
  5. Joshua Tree National Park – Joshua Tree National Park lies at the east of Los Angeles where the Colorado and Mojave Deserts meet. It is home to incredible wilderness and spectacular sights. Here you can see Yuccas, the desert landscapes and the park that is a great attraction for nature lovers. The park comes with canyons, scenic trails, climbing routes snaking with rugged scenery. Here the visitors will have a facility for hiking, rock climbing, and camping.
  6. Laguna Beach – Laguna Beach is a beautiful spot with a Mediterranean look. It is home to lots of beautiful beaches with luxury resorts. Here you will have the facility to get in touch with Laguna Beach with its artworks. Here tourists will have many trials and paths for hiking or cycling, the wild attract surfers and scuba driving.
  7. Anaheim-Disneyland – Anaheim-Disneyland is a part of Los Angeles metropolitan area. It has slowly grown into the biggest city in Orange Country. Anaheim runs with great bars, shops, restaurants clustered around the downtown. The spot is also great for watching baseball or hockey. Even it hosts many events including competitions throughout the year.
  8. Carmel-by the Sea – Carmel-by-the-sea is located south of Monterey Bay. It lies along California’s Pacific Coast Highway through a scenic beauty., it is surrounded by dramatic cliffs and verdant hills. The side of the ocean has been a popular spot for artists, writers, poets because of its natural views. The place is enriched in artistic heritage made of numerous art galleries, fine restaurants, boutique shops, and several lovely inns.
  9. Channel Islands – The Channel Islands are an archipelago of eight Islands with the creation of the Pacific Ocean. The channels protect and preserve the ecosystem all the time; here you will go for fishing, scuba diving, and sailing. Undoubtedly, it is good to place riding a glass-bottom boat to explore reefs including snorkelling and other popular activities. Here you can see Native Americans who have been here for over 8000 years.
  10. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks – These parks are located side by side in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Both are famous for giant sequoia trees which come in a size of more than 90 meters and tail & trunks come at 30 meters. This park was established in 1890 and is home to Mount Whitney. In both of the parks, bobcats, gray foxes, mule deer can easily stay. Even visitors here can see bighorn sheep and mountain lions. Both of them are famous for hikers, backpackers, and visitors.
  11. Redwood National Park – Redwood National Park is the home of the oldest and tallest trees. It lies on California’s Pacific Coast. It was established in 1968 and the park comes to protect the towering trees and diverse ecosystems. Here visitors can see rivers, mountains that make the park beautiful. Even the park will help you to go kayaking and whale watching. Take your time and enjoy the park.
  12. Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara is scenic beauty between the steep slopes of the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Santa Barbara has become one of the most pleasant coastal sites. It is mind-blowing because of a majestic mountain, beautiful beaches, and sunny climate. Out of its many attractions, the Old Mission becomes the best one because of its lovely architecture, flower-filled garden.
  13. Napa Valley – Napa Valley has been a famous tourist spot as well as a beautiful landscape. To explore the region, you can reach the place driving the hills and vineyards. In the summer, the road comes busy. Napa offers excellent hiking, horseback riding, and golfing and even you can ride a hot air balloon above its idyllic. The region has more than 200 wineries. Here you can come with your friend or family to enjoy the days at the extreme level.
  14. Big Sur – Big Sur comes between the Camel Highlands and San Simeon. It is a large and rocky stretch of the Californian Coastline. During the trip, travelers get attracted by redwood trees, beautiful beaches. It is a perfect place for driving and hiking. Here the seaside cliffs have gained a mythic reputation and over the years, millions of people enjoy their journey with its stunning views, epic wilderness, and outdoor recreation.
  15. San Diego – someone often calls it ‘America’s Finest City. San Diego is the home of golden sands and many global attractions. It is also famous for fantastic museums and historical sites. Here you can see several fantastic museums including historical sites. Apart from these, the place is famous for great shops, bars, restaurants and some old buildings such as Mission san Diego de Alcala.

Come to California and enjoy the days visiting mind-blowing sites with your family.

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