Before Death, Once You Come to Visit the Scenic Beauties in New Zealand

If you think to enjoy some of the days just to avoid monotonous life through visiting unique as well as natural creation, the best option goes with you through the name of New Zealand. Here you will get a test of the natural landscape, rare wildlife, white beaches, emerald lakes, and crashing waterfalls. Here most mind-blowing attraction is Kiwis that gives you a unique test of satisfaction.

About the Beauties in New Zealand

There is an overwhelming array of heart-soothing spots in New Zealand and you come to know each out of fifteen.

  1. Bay of Islands – A flight taking three hours drive to bring you to the spot of Bay of Islands. The area is famed for its astonishing beauty and rich history. Here you can have an experience of Purerua peninsula and Cape Brett Lay Bare beaches. Seafront lovers assume it is paradise and even they will have walking trails. A boat is the best way to bring you to the islands where you can watch dolphins, whales, penguins and many more.
  2. Kaikoura – Kaikoura has become a picture-perfect town and near about 2.5 hours north of Christchurch. It is located on the south of the Island. The spot is famous for breathtaking coastal scenery, beach walks, and abundant marine life. Here you can see cryfish.

   If wildlife comes crazy to you, then you will have great enjoyment to you. You can visit       here fur seals, whales, and dolphins. With a boat, you come to spend a good time but         the trips would be awesome for you if you can afford a flight. The most important thing       is that the town carries lots of history about indigenous people, Maori.

  1. Castlepoint – Castlepoint is the northeast of the capital city, Wellington. Here you will have a touch of a serene beach town at the Wairarapa coast. The most attraction here you will have with Castlepoint Lighthouse. The place allows you to visit fantastic fur seals and various dolphins. Even the place is famous for small whales. A historic place named Tinui is famous for the world’s first Anzac Day commemorated in April 1916.
  2. Hobbiton – Without Hobbiton, New Zealand losses its beauty and importance as the best travelling destination. Here the photographers get hearty satisfaction taking snap-shots. It is located six miles southwest of Matamata on the North Island. Just take the manicured path of Bagshot Row, take a seat under the party tree, and enjoy as much as you can.
  3. The Coromandel – The Coromandel is undoubtedly one of the most attractive places in New Zealand. Here you can have a chance to visit unspoiled beaches, pristine forests. Pristine is in the surroundings of over 250 miles of sandy beaches. The interior becomes a natural wonder of mountains swaddled in misty forests. Near the beach, you can get in touch with Cathedral Cove which is a jewel of natural beauty. Even you will have a chance to visit a hot water beach, the best location for scooping out the sand on the beach.
  4. Rotorua – If you like to visit only one spot in New Zealand, you should go for Rotorua. It is situated at the right of North Island at 140 miles southeast of Auckland. The location is popular for Maori culture at the cultural exhibition. If you like to for sightseeing, then you just reach Kuirau Park, the lakeside view gives you great satisfaction. If you will have an experience the Mori Culture, just visit the cultural exhibition where you must get a traditional show plus a crash course.
  5. The Mirror Lakes – If you have a mind to visit the Mirror Lakes, you need to reach Fordland National Park placed between Te Anau & Milford Sound. You will have an opportunity for a great picture of Milford Sound. It will take only 15 minutes to explore the beautiful reflection of the Eral Mountains in a pristine lake. It is mind-blowing for kids.
  6. Lake Wanaka – Undoubtedly, Lake Wanaka provides you with captivating beauty. It comes only 27 miles long and it is situated in Otago. The lake is in the range of Mount Aspiring National Park, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Though here you will have plenty of outdoor activities the main attraction is marvelling at the surreal lake. Even you can have more outdoor activities like jet-boating, skydiving, hiking, kayaking, sailing, and many more. If you like photography, you need to come here in autumn.
  7. Franz Josef Glacier – Franz Josef Glacier is a spectacular place on New Zealand’s West Coast and even it is World Heritage Site. It is an ideal site for daring weekend warriors in need of heli hiking. The Franz Josef Glacier is situated 3 miles from the town that offers you the best accommodation and scenarios. You will also have an opportunity to take a touch in pearls of nature from Lake Mapourika to the cascading waterfalls.
  8. Tongariro National Park – Tongariro National Park comes to fulfil the dream of a photographer as here the landscape is covered in volcanoes and others. Tongariro is a premier national park since 1887 and it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a great value to the Mouri people. The Landscape comes dotted with turquoise, volcanoes, rare alpine gardens, silica benches, sizzling craters. The main attraction in the park comes with three volcanoes named Tongariro, Ruapehu, and Ngauruhoe. Moreover, it is good for a perfect hiking ground designed with unusual flora and fauna.
  9. The Waitomo Glowworm Caves – The Waitomo Glowworm Caves are a great attraction for locals as well as visitors. It is situated on the North Island. The cave features come with thousands of magical glowworms. If you do not visit Waitomo, your effort for visiting will come to zero. The caves come with a larger waterway system with a range of Ruakuri Cave, Tumutumu Cave, and Lucky Strike.
  10. Wellington – Wellington is tucked between the harbour and the hills on which the city lies. Wellington is undoubtedly the cool capital of New Zealand. Outdoor enthusiasts who come to Makara Foodies will love the award-winning restaurants and sequestered bars. Wellington provides you with exciting city life.

Take your time, reach New Zealand, and visit the spots one after another.

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