Weed Etiquette for Roommates!

how to get rid of weed smell

Having a good relationship with your roommate is key to having a successful living experience. When you live with someone, you are sharing your living space and often your personal space as well. It is crucial to be respectful of your roommate’s belongings, schedule, and feelings. That means if you plan to smoke weed in a shared space, you need to come up with some ground rules that you both agree on. The good news is there are many ways you can ensure you don’t impact your roommate by using marijuana at home, even if they don’t partake themselves. If you’re in need of advice, keep reading to learn more about weed etiquette for roommates.

What is proper weed etiquette for roommates?

Every stoner knows that the scent of weed can be particularly strong. If you plan to smoke in your apartment, you need to know how to get rid of weed smell. Leaving the apartment smelling like cannabis can be a problem if your roommate finds the odor unpleasant or if they want to have guests over. The best way to manage this issue is to invest in a quality deodorizing spray. A deodorizing spray can break down the source of the smell on a molecular level, which is far more effective than attempting to mask it with an air freshener or incense.

Another thing to keep in mind is to be mindful of the way you smoke. If you’re smoking in your room, make sure to keep the windows open to allow the smoke to escape. Also, be sure to clean up any ashes or butts after you’re done smoking. You need to be especially careful around their belongings. Don’t smoke weed in front of them if they don’t want to smell it, and try not to smoke in areas of the house where the scent could wind up being trapped in personal items like clothes or bedding.

You should make time to sit down with all of your roommates and discuss what rules make the most sense for your specific situation. This includes setting guidelines on what areas are acceptable to use for smoking, how the area should be tidied up after, and how to minimize the overall smell of weed in the space.

What else can you do to keep your apartment from smelling like weed?

An air purifier is a great investment if you want to eliminate unpleasant odors and improve your apartment’s indoor air quality. When it comes to marijuana, there are two main concerns: the smell and the smoke. Both of these can be eliminated with the help of an air purifier. There are a number of air purifiers on the market, so it’s necessary to do your research before you buy one. Look for an air purifier that has a high CADR rating, which stands for clean air delivery rating. It is a measure of how efficient the air purifier is. You should also check that it will be powerful enough for the room where you intend to place it.

Another thing you can do is clean your apartment regularly. This will help get rid of any built-up residue or smells that may be lingering. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional cleaner to come in. Taking the time to deep clean your space won’t just eliminate unpleasant odors, it can actually boost your overall quality of life too. If your home is cluttered and messy, it can be difficult to relax and feel at ease in your own space. By taking the time to deep clean your apartment, you can make it a more pleasant and inviting place to be.

By establishing what is and is not acceptable behavior in your shared living space, you can help to avoid any misunderstandings or arguments. Setting some basic rules surrounding the use of weed can ensure that everyone has a comfortable and functional living space. Specifically, you should come to an agreement about where in the apartment it is acceptable to smoke, what methods of consumption are allowed, and how the space should be cleaned and taken care of between smoke sessions. You can also keep the entire apartment smelling better by purchasing an air purifier and cleaning regularly. Follow the advice in this article and you’ll be able to keep the peace between you and your roommates.

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