Where is Jens Soering Now? The Prison Break Story You Didn’t Know About!

Where is Jens Soering Now

In this article, we will explore the current whereabouts of Jens Soering and delve into the intriguing details surrounding his life. Jens Soering is a name synonymous with a high-profile murder case that gripped the United States in 1985, but where is he now, and is he still behind bars? Let’s find out.

The Background

Jens Soering’s story begins in 1985 when he found himself embroiled in a shocking murder case. He and his then-girlfriend, Elizabeth Haysom, were convicted of the brutal slayings of her parents, Derek and Nancy Haysom. The case sent shockwaves through the nation.

The Confession and Reversal

At one point, Jens Soering confessed to the murders, but later, he retracted his admission, claiming innocence. According to his revised account, he remained in Washington, D.C., while Haysom returned to Virginia to commit the heinous acts.

The Verdict

The trial reached its conclusion with both Soering and Haysom being found guilty. Jens Soering received two life sentences, and Elizabeth Haysom was handed a total of 90 years in prison. It was a story of love turned dark, betrayal, and a crime that would haunt the nation for decades.

The Parole

In November 2019, a significant twist occurred in this tale of crime and punishment. Both Soering and Haysom were paroled and released from prison. Haysom was deported back to Canada and chose to maintain a low profile after her release.

A New Beginning

For Jens Soering, however, a different path awaited. He was deported to Germany, his home country. So, as of the information available in this article, Jens Soering is residing in Germany after his release from prison in the United States. It marks a new chapter in a story that has captivated many for decades.

The Conclusion

Jens Soering’s journey from a murder convict in the United States to his life in Germany is nothing short of remarkable. The twists and turns in his story have kept the world on edge, and his release in 2019 marked a significant development.

In this article, we’ve answered the question, “Where is Jens Soering now?” He is no longer in jail and is living in Germany, free from the confines of a U.S. prison.

Remember, this is a story of a real person, and it’s a testament to the complexities of the criminal justice system. As of 2023, Jens Soering continues to maintain his innocence.


1. Where is Jens Soering now?

Jens Soering is currently living in Germany after being granted parole and deported from the United States in 2019.

2. Is Jens Soering still in jail?

No, Jens Soering is not in jail anymore. He was paroled in November 2019.

3. Why was Jens Soering initially convicted?

Jens Soering was initially convicted for his involvement in the double murder of Derek and Nancy Haysom, the parents of his then-girlfriend, Elizabeth Haysom.

4. What led to Jens Soering’s parole?

Jens Soering’s parole was granted based on factors such as his youth at the time of the crime, his behavior in prison, and a determination that his release would not pose a public safety risk.

5. What did Elizabeth Haysom do in the murder case?

Elizabeth Haysom pleaded guilty to two counts of accessory to murder in the case involving the murders of her parents.

This concludes our update on the intriguing case of Jens Soering, his release, and his life post-prison.

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