Who are the FBoys on FBoy Island Season 3? FBoys Season 3 Contestants

Who are the FBoys on FBoy Island Season 3


In the realm of reality TV dating shows, “FBOY Island” Season 3 brought in a fresh wave of excitement. This gripping show aired on July 29, 2021, and is exclusively available on HBO Max. Hosted by the witty Nikki Glaser, the series follows three women on a quest to decipher whether 24 men are genuinely interested in forging meaningful relationships or if they’re merely toying with emotions in a rather unserious manner.

The Essence of “FBOY Island”

Each season of “FBOY Island” introduces a new batch of men, challenging the women to discern between the ‘nice guys’ seeking love and the ‘fboys’ out to have fun without commitment. The show delves into the intricate intentions of these men within the dating landscape, providing viewers with a unique and compelling narrative.

The Evolution of the Show

The journey of “FBOY Island” has been quite the rollercoaster. After its inaugural season in 2021, a second season followed in 2022. Unfortunately, the show faced cancellation in December 2022. However, as fate would have it, in March 2023, The CW network breathed new life into the series by announcing its return for a third season. Not only that, but an intriguing spinoff named “FGIRL Island” was also revealed, promising even more drama, emotions, and the complexities of modern dating.

Meet the FBoys of Season 3

Season 3 of “FBOY Island” had its fair share of guys who were deemed FBoys, their insincere intentions evident. Let’s meet a few of these intriguing characters:

Kris T.

– Age: 25
– Hometown: San Diego
– Occupation: Sales for a medical marketing company

Kris T. made quite an entrance with an aura that raised suspicions from the very beginning. In Episode 1, Katie sensed something amiss and placed him in her bottom two. Eventually, Hali eliminated him in Episode 2, firmly believing that his vibes were far from genuine.

Shaun P.

– Age: 29
– Hometown: Los Angeles
– Occupation: Personal trainer

Shaun’s journey on the show was cut short as he became the first to be eliminated in Episode 1. During a group date, another contestant tipped Hali off about Shaun’s intentions, suggesting he was far from sincere. Trusting her instincts, Hali identified Shaun as an FBoy.

Ian M.

– Age: 22
– Hometown: Nashville
– Occupation: Hospitality and branding agency

Ian M. initially presented himself as a 25-year-old, but the truth about his age, 22, emerged when he confessed to the other men. Daniella seized upon this inconsistency and used it as a valid reason to eliminate him in Episode 1.

These FBoys were swiftly exposed and eliminated by the astute contestants who saw through their insincere intentions. The show’s core purpose revolves around distinguishing between genuine love seekers and those merely playing games.

The Show’s Unique Format

“FBOY Island,” brilliantly hosted by Nikki Glaser, features three women and 24 men. Half of the men identify as ‘nice guys,’ earnestly pursuing a real relationship and a share of a $100,000 prize. The remaining half boldly declare themselves as ‘fboys’ and compete for the entire $100,000 cash prize.

In every episode, the women handpick men to accompany them on dates, with the men typically aged between 22 and 35. At the episode’s conclusion, three men are chosen for elimination, and their true intentions are unveiled, confirming whether they are indeed nice guys or not.

The nice guys head to the “Nice Guy Grotto” in a luxurious limousine, while the fboys, often referred to as Lotharios, are dispatched to “Limbro.” The latter is a less comfortable locale, featuring bamboo huts, simple beds, and pillows made of hay.

Somewhere in the first half of the series, the remaining male contestants publicly declare whether they identify as nice guys or fboys, with the audience closely watching. It’s worth noting that the show consistently uses the abbreviation “fboy” rather than the full term.

The show not only provides entertainment but also delves into the concept of personal transformation and whether people can change for the right person. This exploration means that the fboys may evolve into better partners, and the nice guys can earn recognition for their true personalities.

In summary, “FBOY Island” is a thrilling journey where women navigate the intricate terrain of dating, attempting to find genuine relationships amidst a blend of nice guys and fboys, all with a significant cash prize at stake.

Where to Watch “FBOY Island”

“FBOY Island” is readily available for your viewing pleasure on The CW, iTunes, and Hulu. Whether you prefer watching on a traditional TV network like The CW or through digital platforms such as iTunes and Hulu, you can easily immerse yourself in the drama and excitement of the series. If you’re curious about the challenges these women face in their quest for authentic relationships in a sea of nice guys and fboys, these platforms offer a convenient gateway to the show’s episodes.


1. What is “FBOY Island”?

“FBOY Island” is a dating reality TV show in the United States where three women attempt to distinguish between men seeking genuine relationships and those looking to play games with women’s feelings.

2. Where can I watch “FBOY Island”?

You can watch “FBOY Island” on The CW, iTunes, and Hulu.

3. How does the show work?

In each season, three women interact with 24 men, half of whom claim to be “nice guys” seeking a real relationship, while the other half are “fboys” competing for a cash prize. The women choose who to eliminate based on their intentions.

4. Was the show canceled after the second season?

Yes, “FBOY Island” was canceled after the second season but was later picked up by The CW for a third season and a spinoff called “FGIRL Island.”

5. Can contestants on the show change from being an fboy to a nice guy?

The show explores the possibility of personal growth and change, where fboys may become better partners and nice guys can receive recognition for their personality.

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