Why Do Travelers Prefer Short-Term Rentals to Hotels?

There are more options available if you need short-term housing when traveling on business in the US and don’t want to remain in a hotel the entire time.

Apartments for rent for a short period typically have flexible leases that you can extend if necessary. There are many different suppliers, both serviced and unserviced, ranging from the budget-friendly to the luxurious at an excellent price.

Read on to know why travelers choose short-term rentals over traditional hotels.

  1. Stable Accommodation

The last thing you want is to travel around more frequently than necessary while temporarily residing in a new place and attempting to focus on doing your job effectively.

A short-term rental in Washington makes it simple to prolong your stay if you know you’ll be in the neighborhood for three, six, twelve, or any length of time. It means you won’t have to worry about leaving your secondment or project in the middle of it and moving somewhere else.

  1. Privacy

The privacy that short-term apartment rentals provide is one of its best qualities. You don’t need to only stay in the limited confines of one room like you do in a hotel, sharing most of your walls with others when you have so much more space for entertaining and unwinding in. Additionally, it eliminates the need to rent expensive office space or attempt to work in noisy public areas.

  1. Furniture and Equipment

Many hotel rooms only have a bed and a bathroom; if you’re lucky, there might also be a dresser, closet, desk, or tiny couch. Serviced apartments come fully furnished with all of the standard household furniture. As a result, you won’t have to eat takeout while seated on your bed or spend your days tripping over your bag.

When it’s your home every night for a while, seemingly insignificant things like having a place to hang your clothes, a couch and coffee table to rest on, and a kitchen to cook in make a big impact.

  1. Additional Parking

Some vacation rentals in Chicago and Washington feature onsite amenities, such as the choice of a designated parking space. If you choose to drive, this eliminates the need to pay parking fees and eliminates the chance of receiving a ticket if you park in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

Depending on where your short-term rental is located, you may be able to leave your car there and use the excellent public transportation links to travel into the city center while avoiding the Congestion Zone.

  1. Save Money

Short and serviced apartments, in particular, can provide short-term lets at a price that decreases the longer your stay, thanks to receiving VAT reductions. Therefore, a short-term apartment rental will become more cost-effective each successive night, whereas an identical hotel room will remain at a constant price each night. As a result, you may end up paying only a third of what you would if you stayed in a hotel.

It may give you a lot more leeway with your spending and allow you to use that money toward other areas of your trip, like visiting a new city.


Give yourself the room to work effectively, relax, and enjoy being at home while you’re gone the next time you travel for business. Reserve a short-term rental space immediately to appreciate the comfort, seclusion, and excellent value.

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