A Video Threatening to Assassinate Queen Elizabeth has Gone Viral.


A video has surfaced on social media of a masked man threatening to “kill” Queen Elizabeth II in retaliation for the 1919 Jaliyawala Bagh massacre. This person is calling himself an Indian Sikh.

It is now reported that Scotland Yard has begun investigating the video. In the video shared on the snapshot, a masked man, Jaswant Singh Chail, is disguised as an Indian Sikh.

In the video, the masked man says, “I’m sad, I’m sorry for what I did and what I’m going to do. I am an Indian Sikh. The massacre took place in April 1919 at Jaliyawala Bagh in Amritsar during Baisakhi. At the behest of Colonel Dyer, British troops opened fire on a pro-independence demonstration, killing scores of people.

A video clip posted on the Sun’s website shows a man wearing a Star Wars mask wearing a black weapon and talking occasionally. This video was allegedly sent to followers of the person’s Snapchat account. In a text message on Snapchat, the teenager wrote, “I’m sorry for what I did and lied. If you have found this, know that my death is near. Please share it, and if possible, put it in the news if they want.


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