Alberto Masi Net Worth in 2023: What Is Alberto Masi Net Worth?

Alberto Masi Net Worth

In the world of Italian football, one name that has been making waves is Alberto Masi. Born on September 2, 1992, in the beautiful city of Genoa, Italy, Alberto Masi has not only established himself as a prominent figure on the field but has also amassed considerable wealth over the years. In this article, we will delve into Alberto Masi’s net worth in 2023 and explore the journey that has led him to his current financial status.

The Net Worth of Alberto Masi

As of 2023, Alberto Masi’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of $1 – $4 million dollars. This substantial wealth is primarily attributed to his successful career as an Italian footballer. Masi has achieved recognition and prosperity through his dedication to the sport and his impressive skills as a center back.

Real Name Alberto Masi
Estimated Net Worth


$1 – $4 Million Dollars
Profession Italian footballer
Date of Birth 2 September 1992
Birth Place   Genoa, Italy
Age (as of 2023) 31 years old
Height 188 cm(6 feet 2 inches)
Weight 80 kg (176 lbs)
Nationality Italian

Who is Alberto Masi?

Alberto Masi is not just a footballer; he is a symbol of Italian footballing tradition and excellence. His proficiency on the field, particularly as a ball-winning defender, has earned him a reputation as a formidable force in the sport. Masi embodies the qualities expected from players in his position—resilience, tactical acumen, and a robust physical presence on the field.

As an Italian footballer, Masi’s journey reflects the essence of Italian defenders, emphasizing defensive solidity, tactical awareness, and a commitment to the team’s success. His nationality connects him to the rich heritage of Italian football, a legacy known for its defensive prowess and tactical brilliance.

Real Name Alberto Masi
Date of Birth 2 September 1992
Age (as of 2023) 31 years old
Height 188 cm (6 feet 2 inches)
Weight 80 kg (176 lbs)
Birth Place   Genoa, Italy
Gender Male
Profession Italian footballer
Nationality Italian
Parents Vittorio Masi, Antonella Masi

Age is Just a Number

Born on September 2, 1992, Alberto Masi is currently 31 years old. His age signifies a significant period of experience and development within the realm of Italian football. Over the years, he has honed his skills through various clubs and leagues, showcasing his defensive prowess and dedication to the sport.

At 31, Masi continues to contribute his expertise and defensive acumen to Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio Under 23. His maturity and seasoned attributes are a testament to his years of professional experience in the sport.

Alberto Masi’s Career

Alberto Masi’s football journey began at Serie A club U.C. Sampdoria, where he displayed promise from a young age. He even captained Sampdoria’s Allievi team and featured prominently in Serie D at just 17. In 2011, Masi made a significant move to Pro Vercelli, where he played a vital role in the club’s promotion success during the 2011–12 campaign.

Masi’s footballing voyage continued as he ventured through various clubs, including stints at Juventus, Ternana, Bari, and Triestina. Each experience enriched his skills and expertise across different tiers of Italian football. His dedication and talent have made him a valuable asset to every team he has been a part of.

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Alberto Masi Net Worth – FAQ

1. Who is Alberto Masi?

Alberto Masi is known as an Italian footballer. He was born on September 2, 1992, and presently, he is 31 years old.

2. What is Alberto Masi’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Alberto Masi’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 – $4 million dollars. Alberto Masi is an Italian footballer who was born on September 2, 1992.

3. What is Alberto Masi’s weight?

Alberto Masi, the successful Italian footballer, weighs 80 kg (176 lbs). Get to know more about Alberto Masi from the above article.

4. How tall is Alberto Masi?

Alberto Masi is an Italian footballer who stands 188 cm tall.

5. How old is Alberto Masi?

Alberto Masi was born on September 2, 1992. Alberto Masi is 31 years old.

In conclusion, Alberto Masi’s journey in Italian football has been marked by determination, skill, and a commitment to excellence. His net worth reflects the success he has achieved throughout his career, making him a notable figure in the world of sports. Whether on the field or in financial matters, Alberto Masi continues to make his mark in the world of Italian football.

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