Amar Prasad Reddy Sent to Police Custody Until November 3 in Flagpole Removal Row!

Amar Prasad Reddy sent to police custody

In the midst of recent news and online discussions, the spotlight has turned towards Amar Prasad Reddy, a prominent figure in the Tamil Nadu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He has been remanded in police custody until November 3rd, and this turn of events has sparked a flurry of curiosity and conjecture. In this article, we aim to shed light on the situation, offering an in-depth understanding of Amar Prasad Reddy’s predicament and the circumstances that led to his arrest.

The Flagpole Controversy

The story begins with a flagpole, innocuously standing outside the residence of BJP State President K Annamalai in Panaiyur, Chennai. The removal of this flagpole would become the catalyst for a series of events that thrust Amar Prasad Reddy into the limelight.

It all started when the police apprehended him, suspecting his involvement in creating a ruckus over the removal of the flagpole. The BJP vehemently criticized the arrest of one of their own members, arguing that it stemmed from their protest against the removal of the party flag at Panaiyur, situated on the East Coast Road in Chennai. The contentious issue would unveil a plethora of details, which we will delve into in the subsequent sections.

A Political Standoff

Based on reports, Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy, the BJP’s national co-in charge of Tamil Nadu, deemed the arrest of their member unjust and politically motivated. Notably, Amar Prasad Reddy was not the only BJP member arrested in this case. Other party members, including Surendra Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Kanniappan, Senthil Kumar, and Balakumar, also faced the repercussions of their involvement in the protest against the flagpole’s removal and the alleged damage to public property.

The removal of the flagpole, which was erected on land belonging to the highways department, happened at the behest of civic authorities and the police. BJP State President Annamalai had previously announced his party’s ambitious plan to erect 10,000 flagpoles across the state, with the final one set to be placed in Panaiyur. However, this plan was met with strong opposition and resulted in a forceful removal by the police.

The Impact and Ongoing Investigation

This incident has garnered significant attention and raised a host of questions among the public. The motive behind the removal of the flagpole and the subsequent arrests has become a subject of intense scrutiny. In the coming days, more information and updates regarding this matter are expected to surface.

In conclusion, the arrest of Amar Prasad Reddy and other BJP members in connection with the flagpole removal in Panaiyur, Chennai, has stirred political controversy and intrigue. The circumstances surrounding this event are still unfolding, and we will continue to keep our readers informed with the latest developments.


1. What led to the removal of the flagpole in Panaiyur?

The flagpole’s removal was initiated by civic authorities and the police following a complaint. It was situated on land belonging to the highways department.

2. Why did Amar Prasad Reddy and other BJP members get arrested in this case?

They were arrested for their alleged involvement in creating a disturbance over the removal of the flagpole and damaging public property.

3. What is the significance of the 10,000 flagpoles mentioned in the article?

The BJP State President, Annamalai, had announced plans to erect 10,000 flagpoles across the state of Tamil Nadu, with the final one set to be placed in Panaiyur.

4. How has the BJP reacted to the arrest of their members?

The BJP strongly criticized the arrest, claiming it was politically motivated and unjust.

5. Are there any further developments expected in this case?

Yes, as this is an ongoing investigation, more information and updates are anticipated in the near future.

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