Andy Chang Arrested – What’s the Story Behind His Arrest?

Andy Chang Arrested

In recent days, the University of Houston community has been rocked by the shocking arrest of Professor James Andy Chang. This arrest, which occurred on Tuesday, October 10, 2023, has left many bewildered and curious about the details surrounding this incident. In this article, we will delve into the arrest of Andy Chang, the allegations against him, and the impact it has had on the University community.

The Arrest of Andy Chang

Houston Police Department Crimes Against Children Task Force took Professor Andy Chang into custody. This arrest sent shockwaves through the University of Houston, where he was widely known for being one of the best lecturers on campus. However, the specifics of the allegations against him have not been publicly disclosed, leaving many questions unanswered.

The Mysterious Charges

The nature of the charges, the evidence, and the events leading to Andy Chang’s arrest remain undisclosed to the public. Legal proceedings are expected to shed more light on the situation as the case unfolds. This air of mystery has left the University community and the public in the dark about the precise actions that led to this arrest.

Suspension from University

In the wake of his arrest, the University of Houston took swift action by suspending Andy Chang from his role as a math lecturer. This decision was made after he was taken into custody on the University’s campus by the **Houston Police Department Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force**, shortly after dismissing his class.

The Fall from Grace

James Andy Chang’s arrest has come as a shock to those who held him in high regard for his contributions to academia. His educational background includes a Master’s and Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Houston, both obtained in 2014. Before this unfortunate incident, Chang had been a respected figure within the University community.

Who is Andy Chang?

Before his arrest, Andy Chang was highly regarded within the University of Houston community for his exceptional teaching skills. He had earned a reputation as one of the best lecturers on campus. Chang’s journey in academia began in 2018 when he started as a Lecturer in Mathematics at the University. In 2022, he was promoted to the role of Assistant Director of Graduate Students at the same institution.

The Age of Andy Chang

Professor Andy Chang is confirmed to be 35 years old, a relatively young age for someone in his position. His rapid rise within the University showcased his dedication and talent in the field of mathematics.


The arrest of James Andy Chang is a stark reminder of the importance of thorough background checks and due diligence when it comes to individuals in positions of trust within academic institutions. The mysterious nature of his arrest serves as a cautionary tale for both universities and the public.

For the latest updates on this developing story, stay tuned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the specific charges against Andy Chang?

The specific charges against Andy Chang have not been disclosed to the public as of now. Legal proceedings are expected to reveal more details.

2. Why did the University of Houston suspend Andy Chang?

The University of Houston suspended Andy Chang from his role as a math lecturer following his arrest by the Houston Police Department Crimes Against Children Task Force.

3. What is Andy Chang’s educational background?

Andy Chang holds a Master’s and Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Houston, obtained in 2014. He also completed his bachelor’s degree in Science at the University of Houston in 2011.

4. How old is Andy Chang?

Professor Andy Chang is 35 years old.

5. What is the latest update on the Andy Chang case?

For the latest updates on the Andy Chang case, stay informed through reliable news sources and official statements from the University of Houston and law enforcement agencies.

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