Arbaaz Khan Responds to Salman Khan House Firing Incident; Denies Publicity Stunt Claims, Expresses Family’s Shock!

Arbaaz Khan just spoke about the shooting at Salman Khan’s place. He said the family is shocked.

People have been praying for Salman Khan and his family after a scary incident yesterday. Two men fired shots outside Salman’s Galaxy apartments in Bandra. Luckily, nobody got hurt, but fans are really worried about their safety. The police are looking into it, and security around Salman’s house has been increased. Salman has been getting death threats from a gangster named Lawrence Bishnoi, and now his brother Anmol Bishnoi admitted to the attack. It’s a tense situation, and everyone’s hoping for the safety of Salman and his loved ones.

Salman’s brother issued a serious warning, saying this was just a preview and the next attack might be inside Salman’s home. This threat has everyone on edge. Arbaaz and Sohail, Salman’s brothers, rushed to Galaxy apartments after the incident, along with Baba Siddiqui, Rahul Kanal, and others. The situation is tense, and everyone is concerned for Salman’s safety.

Arbaaz Khan reacts to the firing incident:

There’s been a lot of talk about the incident, with some claiming to be close to the Khan family. They’ve been sharing information, and some even called it a publicity stunt. But Salman Khan’s father, Salim Khan, clarified that everything’s okay and the shooters were just seeking attention. It’s reassuring to hear from him amidst all the speculation.

Arbaaz Khan has responded to the incident and addressed the talk of it being a publicity stunt. He expressed the family’s surprise about what happened. Arbaaz posted his thoughts on Instagram, sharing their perspective on the matter. It’s good to hear directly from him about how they’re feeling.

The note said, “The recent shooting at Galaxy apartment, where the Salim Khan family lives, is really scary. It’s shaken us up. Sadly, some people pretending to speak for us are saying it’s just a stunt for attention. That’s not true. None of us has said anything about it to the media. Please don’t believe such rumors.” It’s clear they’re upset about what happened and want to set the record straight.

He also mentioned they’re grateful to the police and trust them. “Right now, we’re working with the police to find out what happened. We believe in the Mumbai police, and they promised to keep us safe. Thanks to everyone for your care and support,” he added. It’s good to see they’re working together with the authorities and feeling supported by everyone.

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Salman Khan:

After yesterday’s incident, Salman Khan went out for work today, and his fans are applauding him for staying dedicated to his job. It’s impressive to see him continuing despite what happened.

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