Are Big Brother Jordan and Henry Still Together? Love’s Reality Check: Unraveling the Mystery of Big Brother’s Jordan and Henry

Are Big Brother Jordan and Henry Still Together

Like housemates in the reality of relationships, the enigmatic status of Big Brother’s Jordan and Henry keeps fans tuning in, wondering if their love story is still being written behind the scenes.


Big Brother has always been a captivating show, not just for its strategic gameplay but also for the relationships that form within the confines of the house. In the 20th season of Big Brother UK, viewers were treated to a unique and unexpected connection between Jordan Sangha and Henry Southan. As the season unfolded, their bond became a focal point of the show, leaving fans curious about the state of their relationship after the finale. In this article, we’ll delve into the intriguing journey of Jordan and Henry’s relationship and explore whether they are still together.

Big Brother 2023: The Beginning

Big Brother 2023, also known as Big Brother 20, marked a significant shift as it moved to ITV2 after four years on Channel 5. The season began on October 8, 2023, with a launch show on both ITV (ITV1 and STV) and ITV2. AJ Odudu and Will Best co-hosted the show, and Jordan Sangha emerged as the winner on November 17, 2023, beating Olivia Young.

The Kiss Heard ‘Round the House

One of the most memorable moments of Big Brother 20 was when 25-year-old Henry shared a kiss with 26-year-old Jordan during the show’s finale. While this passionate moment left fans excited, Jordan jokingly refrained from saying the “love” word just yet. Henry, the food writer, expressed his appreciation for Jordan’s funny and dry personality and mentioned their future plans, which included a trip to New York and Florence.

Are They or Aren’t They?

Despite their affectionate moments, Jordan clarified that they are just friends who kiss and mentioned “platonic love.” However, fans couldn’t help but notice the significance of Henry’s necklace, which Jordan wore during the show, in many of his Instagram pictures. This sparked speculation about a deeper connection between the two.

Matty, another housemate who was part of a love triangle with Jordan and Henry, had his doubts. He believed that Jordan might not share the same feelings as Henry and that their friendship could be evolving into something more.

The Evolution of Their Relationship

Jordan and Henry’s relationship in the Big Brother house was a rollercoaster ride. Jordan, known for his stoic demeanor, formed an unexpected friendship and romance with Henry, who described himself as a “posh” person uncomfortable living with others. Throughout the season, Jordan gradually opened up about his inner thoughts during intimate conversations and in the Diary Room.

Their relationship was characterized by platonic moments mixed with genuine emotions, making it a central storyline of the season. As they faced the challenges of the Big Brother house together, viewers witnessed a unique and unpredictable journey.

Jordan’s Big Brother Victory

In the end, Jordan Sangha emerged as the winner of Big Brother 20 (UK), securing 37.8% of the total public votes during the season finale. His calm and laid-back expressions, along with his unique personality, made him a standout contestant. Despite his initial preference for solitude, Jordan’s connection with Henry and other housemates grew, allowing him to avoid being nominated until the second-to-last week of the season.

Full Name

Jordan Hailie Lloyd

Date of Birth

November 21, 1986 (Age 37)


Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.


David W. Butler High School

Known for

Big Brother 11 (Winner), The Amazing Race 16, Marriage Boot Camp


Jeff Schroeder (Married in 2016)


Lawson Keith Schroeder, Layton Sarti Schroeder

Showmances in Big Brother

Big Brother has a history of showmances, where houseguests form romantic connections on television. While some showmances fizzle out after the season ends, others evolve into lasting relationships. These romances often add an extra layer of drama and intrigue to the show.

Henry’s Impact

Henry, known for his eccentricity, played a significant role in shaping the dynamics of Big Brother 20. His unexpected friendship and romance with Jordan brought humor, charm, and authenticity to the show. His interactions, particularly with Jordan, kept viewers engaged and entertained throughout the season.

Henry Southan

Short Bio


25 years (in 2023)




Television Personality

Famous For

For appearing on the show ‘Big Brother’, British series 20






In feet & inches: 5′ 7″

In meters: 1.68

Weight (approx.)

68 kg (149 lbs)





The Big Brother Final 2023

The live final of Big Brother 2023 on ITV marked the culmination of a six-week journey in the Big Brother house. Jordan Sangha secured the £100,000 prize in a dramatic finale that featured the last five contestants. Eviction announcements and emotional reflections by the finalists created an electric atmosphere, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Are Big Brother Jordan and Henry Still Together – FAQs

  1. Are Jordan and Henry from Big Brother still together? The current status of Jordan and Henry’s relationship is not publicly known. Fans are eager for updates on their relationship, but both have kept their personal lives private.
  2. Have Jordan and Henry made any public statements about their relationship? As of now, Jordan and Henry have not made any public statements regarding the status of their relationship. They tend to keep their personal matters away from the public eye.
  3. Do they appear together at public events or gatherings? There is no public information about Jordan and Henry appearing together at events or gatherings after their stint on Big Brother. They both seem to value their privacy.
  4. Did Jordan or Henry address relationship rumors circulating online? Neither Jordan nor Henry has addressed any relationship rumors circulating online. They maintain a quiet approach to their personal lives, leaving fans curious about the state of their relationship.
  5. Are there any recent social media posts suggesting they are still a couple? Both Jordan and Henry maintain a low profile on social media, and there are no recent posts indicating the current status of their relationship. Fans are left speculating about their connection.


The enigmatic status of Jordan and Henry’s relationship continues to intrigue fans. While their journey on Big Brother 20 was filled with unexpected moments, the current state of their relationship remains a mystery. As they choose to keep their personal lives private, fans can only hope for glimpses into their connection through occasional social media updates or public appearances.

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