Are MAFS Michael and Stephen Still Together? Who are Michael and Stephen? Michael and Stephen’s Journey!

Are MAFS Michael and Stephen Still Together
Are MAFS Michael and Stephen Still Together


Married At First Sight Australia 2024 has captured the attention of viewers with its compelling relationships and intriguing dynamics. One of the most talked-about couples from the show is Michael and Stephen. Despite facing initial challenges, they’ve managed to maintain their bond and navigate the complexities of their relationship. In this article, we’ll delve into their journey and explore who Michael and Stephen are.

Michael and Stephen’s Journey

Michael, a 34-year-old salesperson from Melbourne, Victoria, embarked on the journey of finding love on Married At First Sight. However, his path to love hit a roadblock when his original match withdrew unexpectedly.

A Second Chance at Love

Despite this setback, the experts on the show were determined to help Michael find his perfect match. Enter Stephen, a 26-year-old hairdresser from Perth, Western Australia. Stephen’s arrival brought a new ray of hope for Michael, signaling the beginning of a fresh chapter in his quest for love.

Building a Connection

From their first meeting, it was evident that Michael and Stephen shared a unique connection. Their chemistry was palpable, and they quickly found common ground in their desire to start a family and find lasting love.

Overcoming Hurdles

While their journey wasn’t without its challenges, including moments of insecurity and doubts, Michael and Stephen remained committed to each other. Despite initial uncertainties, they forged ahead, determined to make their relationship work.

Who Are Michael and Stephen?

Originally from Melbourne, Victoria, Michael is a 34-year-old salesperson with a heart full of aspirations for a loving relationship and a family to call his own. Despite facing setbacks in his romantic endeavors, Michael remains optimistic about finding his soulmate.

Married at First Sight 2024 Cast






1 Sara Mesa 29 Sydney, NSW Nutritionist
Tim Calwell 31 Gold Coast, QLD Online Business Owner
2 Cassandra Allen 29 Gold Coast, QLD Administration Officer
Tristan Black 30 Sydney, NSW Event Manager
3 Timothy Smith 51 Melbourne, VIC Online Business Owner
Lucinda Light 43 Byron Bay, NSW MC & Wedding Celebrant
4 Jack Dunley 34 Gold Coast, QLD Personal Trainer
Tori Adams 27 Melbourne, VIC Business Development Manager
5 Natalie Parham 32 Melbourne, VIC Physiotherapist
Collins Christian 28 Sydney, NSW Executive Assistant
6 Jayden Eynaud 26 Gold Coast, QLD Professional Kickboxer
Eden Harper 28 Gold Coast, QLD Recruitment Manager
7 Ellie Dix 32 Gold Coast, QLD Registered Nurse
Ben Walters 39 Newcastle, NSW Podcaster and Construction Worker
8 Richard Sauerman 62 Sydney, NSW Motivational Speaker
Andrea Thompson 51 Sunshine Coast, QLD Photographer
9 Lauren Dunn 32 Perth, WA PR & Marketing Consultant
Jonathan McCullough 39 Gold Coast, QLD Health Business Owner
10 Stephen Stewart 26 Perth, WA Hairdresser
Michael Felix 34 Melbourne, VIC Salesperson
11 Madeleine Maxx 30 Melbourne, VIC Psychic Medium
Ash Galati 33 Melbourne, VIC Sales Manager
12 Jade Pywell 26 Gold Coast, QLD Executive Assistant
Ridge Barredo 27 Sydney, NSW Psychiatric Nurse

Stephen’s Profile

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Stephen brings youthful exuberance and a passion for his craft as a hairdresser. At 26, he’s ready to embark on a journey of love and companionship, eagerly anticipating the possibility of building a future with the right partner.

Married At First Sight 2024: A Unique Experience

The Concept

Married At First Sight 2024 follows the journey of nine brides and nine grooms as they entrust relationship experts to find their perfect match. With the goal of forming lasting connections, these couples agree to marry without ever meeting beforehand.

Expert Guidance

Under the guidance of relationship experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling, and Alessandra Rampolla, the couples navigate the highs and lows of their relationships. From the initial wedding ceremonies to moving in together and facing challenges head-on, the experts provide invaluable support and advice.

The Journey Continues

As the season progresses, viewers witness the evolution of each relationship, including Michael and Stephen’s. Despite the unconventional nature of their union, these couples strive to overcome obstacles and build a strong foundation for their future together.


In conclusion, Michael and Stephen’s journey on Married At First Sight 2024 is a testament to the power of love and resilience. Despite facing initial setbacks, they’ve managed to defy the odds and cultivate a meaningful connection. As they continue to navigate the ups and downs of their relationship, viewers remain captivated by their story.


1. Are Michael and Stephen still together?

Yes, Michael and Stephen are still together and navigating their relationship despite initial challenges.

2. Were there any same-sex couples on the show?

Yes, there was a same-sex couple matched later in the experiment, and another two couples matched halfway through the season by the relationship experts.

3. Where are the participants from?

Participants are from various locations including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Byron Bay, and Sunshine Coast in Australia.

4. What was the status of Natalie Parham and Collins Christian’s relationship?

They broke up before making the final decision and are now separated.

5. What occupations do the participants have?

Occupations range from nutritionists, online business owners, administration officers, event managers, personal trainers, physiotherapists, executive assistants, to motivational speakers, photographers, PR & marketing consultants, hairdressers, salespersons, psychic mediums, and more.

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