Charlie Stephenson TCU {July 2022} Complete Details!

This article on Charlie Stephenson TCU will inform regarding the life of Charlie Stephenson and just how despite his dying, he is recalled and reminisced. Kindly read through additional to understand about it.

Who was Charlie Stephenson?

Charlie Stephenson came into this world on October25 and 1932, in Stone Hill, GA. He spent his child years in Milstead, GA, and managed to graduate from Conyers High school. He was enrolled in the usa Marine Corp and required instruction from Paris Island and Camp Pendleton. He was because of the rank of Sergeant during the Korean Conflict. Right after a services of thirty years, he retired from Standard Motors’ Lakewood Section. The Charlie Stephenson Obituary are unable to do proper rights to the achievements and efforts which he place in to help make Underwater Corp stronger than ever before.

He regularly visited the Atlanta VA medical center to provide toiletries to hospitalized veterans and cheer them up, even though he did not only give his service to his nation. Charlie was a comrade within the Baptist Church, Soft sand Plains, the General Motors Salaried Employees Retirees Group, as well as the Countrywide Gun Connection. Charlie was vital in prospecting new volunteers for the associations’ Dishes on rims, Give the hungry, and conducting the Friend Poppy Account Pushes to assist clingy family members.

How is the group of Charlie Stephenson TCU?

Charlie’s parents are Charlie Jefferson and Ada Effie Stephenson. He had a spouse of fifteen years, Alice Stephenson. He was fortunate to possess two siblings Grady Stephenson, and Carl Stephenson. Soon after Ada, there was his wonderful partner, Gaily S. Stephenson, along with his several children, Susan and Rex Charlie Jr., and Rina. They have got 10 grand kids and 5 excellent-grand kids. Charlie cherished to hunt together with his child Charlie Jr. with his fantastic bros. These were very successful within their endeavors.

In every phrase, Charlie existed an entire existence and accomplished a good deal. He gave returning to community and was actually a proud an affiliate the sea corp until his last inhale. The Charlie Stephenson Obituary cannot encompass his entire life but aims to honor him.


In summation, Charlie B. Stephenson was a role model for everyone in his existence. He resided his lifestyle on rigid guidelines and was there to the citizens of his nation and family. He ought to be remembered and honored as being a veteran sea corp plus a thoughtful and thoughtful individual. He loved his daily life together with his family and friends.

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