4 Ways Cloud Technology Can Add Efficiency to the Covid-19 Vaccine Drive

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of tragedy in the lives of the front-line workers and the public. Since we now have effective vaccines against the virus, one of the best solutions to the pandemic is to implement nationwide vaccination campaigns. In a democratic and overpopulated country like India, conducting a vaccination campaign is not easy. The best way to solve this challenge is to use the latest cloud call center software and cloud telephony solutions. Some ways to make it efficient are:

Step 1: Broadcasting general information

The initial stage is to bring awareness among the public regarding COVID-19, the type of vaccinations available for different age groups, and explain how the vaccination works to prevent the COVID-19 using the cloud call center solution.

Publicize COVID-19 Vaccination

Using cloud telephony solutions, a recorded custom message can be played before the connection of the call, explaining the importance of vaccines and other necessary information to convince the listener to get the shot.

Also, vaccines must be made free of cost to make them accessible to all communities across the nation. It is only then that the vaccination campaign will be successful.

IVR solution for bookings

An automated IVR cloud telephony system can be used for booking the vaccination slot across the nation, which can save cost and time for all the people. The booking can be done by dialing a number and selecting the date, time slot, and location.

An automated message can be sent to whoever has booked the vaccination slots.

Step 2: Customized IVR solutions

Not everyone may need the same type of cloud-based IVR solution; therefore, Knowlarity has the facility to customize the cloud call center software and cloud telephony solutions depending on the subject so as to accommodate a perfect plan for the slot that they need.

Number masking

Call Masking or Number Masking is an advanced data protection measure to mask the caller’s personal details and provide some privacy for the agent without disclosing the phone numbers. This paves the way for ensuring trust and data security among people seeking vaccination when sending bulk messages or cloud telephony solutions.

Custom SMS

A custom message can be sent to any specific category of people to bring them to get vaccinated.

Get the medical records

If integrated with the electronic medical records of the patients, their latest health reports that they have taken up during the vaccination drive can be shared with the vaccine administrators.

Step 3: Notifications and Alerts

One of the most needed features is the notification and alerts to remind the users to take up vaccination and provide regular alerts through call or SMS to book slots. Once vaccinated, the vaccination completed alert should also be sent. The alert can be a customized message sent to the registered mobile number of the user.

IVR solution for remainders

Cloud telephony solution with the cloud call center software would possess the overall data for the IVR calls. Reminder calls for taking up the vaccination can also be triggered using this cloud telephony solution would be the best way to remind the customers to get the vaccination without missing it.

Step 4: Post-vaccination follow-ups

One of the important steps to show our care to the customers is following up with a person after their vaccination.


Getting feedback from the customers is effortless as calls are recorded for the activities that are performed. Each customer can give us feedback and ratings in the same call when the issue is fixed by our cloud-based IVR solutions.

Vaccination reports

Post-vaccination certifications or reports can be stored in cloud call center software. It can be sent to the customers in a customized message to download with a click.


Vaccinating the world’s largest democracy is difficult, but using the cloud call center software and cloud telephony solutions would empower both the government and the public.

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