David Goldfarb Accident: What Really Happened to David Goldfarb?

David Goldfarb Accident


In a heart-wrenching incident that shook the community, 80-year-old David Goldfarb, a beloved resident of West Hartford, met with a tragic accident on Albany Avenue. Despite the valiant efforts of emergency responders, David succumbed to his injuries, leaving the community in mourning. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the incident and its aftermath.

David Goldfarb: A Respected Resident

David Goldfarb was not just another member of the West Hartford community; he was a cherished figure known for his unwavering positivity and strong work ethic. His dedication to his work and his honesty made him stand out, earning him the respect and admiration of all who knew him.

The Tragic Accident on Albany Avenue

The fateful incident occurred when David was struck by a vehicle near Mohegan Drive on Albany Avenue. The call for help reached the authorities around 5:50 p.m., prompting a swift response from the police and the Fire Department. Despite their immediate arrival and provision of emergency medical aid, David’s injuries proved fatal.

The Community Mourns

The loss of David Goldfarb has left an indelible void in the hearts of the community members who held him dear. The news of his passing sent shockwaves throughout West Hartford, and the community has since rallied together to support his grieving family during this incredibly challenging period.

Ongoing Investigation

The West Hartford Police Department’s Accident Reconstruction Team has initiated an investigation to uncover the circumstances surrounding this tragic accident. As of now, many questions remain unanswered, and authorities are encouraging anyone with information about the incident to come forward. The community anxiously awaits further updates on the investigation’s progress.


The untimely demise of David Goldfarb is a devastating loss to West Hartford. His memory will forever remain alive in the hearts of those who knew him. The community’s solidarity and support for his family during this trying time are a testament to the impact he had on the lives of many.


1. Who is David Goldfarb?

David Goldfarb, aged 80, was a well-respected resident of West Hartford known for his positive demeanor and hardworking nature.

2. What happened to David Goldfarb?

David Goldfarb tragically lost his life in a crash on Albany Avenue when he was hit by a vehicle near Mohegan Drive.

3. How did the community react to the incident?

The community is mourning the loss of David Goldfarb, coming together to support his family during this difficult time.

4. What is known about David Goldfarb’s character?

David was admired for his commitment to work, honesty, and positive traits, setting him apart in the community.

5. What are the circumstances surrounding the accident?

The circumstances remain unclear, prompting an ongoing investigation by the West Hartford Police Department’s Accident Reconstruction Team.

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