Despite The 3rd Wave Warning, Only 17% of The Funding was Raised.

The 3rd wave of Corona will start in India. The situation was created in two waves. Taking a lesson from this, the central government last August announced an emergency package of Rs 23,123 crore to set up an emergency treatment system. Only six percent of the fund has been used, even though it has been six months. The Union Health Minister has now taken up the matter with the state officials. Despite being a World Health Organization, international and national healthcare staff, and equipment lack


Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandvi instructed the officials of the country and the Union Fitness Branch that all versions of Corona should be taken serious measures need to be taken. It is not right to be careless. The remarks were made in reference to a special package allotted by the central government. The central government had in August last year given an emergency corona-remake package of Rs 23,123 crore. It was also approved by the Union Cabinet in August last year. However, only 15 percent of the funds have been utilized in six months. A large part of the package was lying unused.

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