Did Sisi Quadri Have Any Children? Who was Sisi Quadri? Sisi Quadri’s Age, Career, and More

Did Sisi Quadri Have Any Children
Did Sisi Quadri Have Any Children


Sisi Quadri, a renowned figure in the vibrant world of Nollywood, left an indelible mark through his versatile performances and magnetic presence. Let’s delve into the life and legacy of this esteemed actor.

Name Sisi Quadri (Tolani Oyebamiji)
Date of Birth December 26, 1979
Place of Birth Iwo town, Osun State, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Actor, Host, MC, Businessman
Known For Nollywood Films, TV Series
Children Olamide Oyebamiji, Hazani Olamilekan Oyebamiji
Death Date March 2, 2024
Cause of Death Kidney-related issues
Age at Death 44 years old

Early Life and Education

Born Tolani Oyebamiji on December 26, 1979, Sisi Quadri hailed from Iwo town, Osun State. His educational journey began at The Polytechnic Iree, where he laid the foundation for his future endeavors.

Career Beginnings

Initially, Sisi Quadri explored the realms of fashion designing and makeup artistry. However, his passion for acting led him to transition into the world of entertainment. His breakthrough came with the acclaimed role in ‘Seniyan Seranko,’ catapulting him to fame in the Nigerian film industry.

Creative Ventures

Beyond acting, Quadri’s creativity extended to fashion design, showcasing his diverse skill set and entrepreneurial spirit.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Sisi Quadri was a devoted family man. He shared his life with his two sons, Olamide Oyebamiji and Hazani Olamilekan Oyebamiji, reflecting his commitment to both his professional and familial responsibilities.

Quadri’s Age and Passing

Tragically, Sisi Quadri passed away at the age of 44 on March 2, 2024, succumbing to kidney-related issues. His untimely demise left a void in the hearts of many, marking the end of a remarkable career.

Career Achievements

Throughout his career, Sisi Quadri showcased unparalleled talent and versatility, earning accolades and admiration from peers and audiences alike. His contributions to Nollywood continue to resonate, solidifying his status as a distinguished figure in the industry.


Sisi Quadri’s legacy transcends his on-screen presence. He remains an emblem of inspiration and excellence, reminding us of the power of dedication and passion in shaping a lasting impact.

FAQs about Sisi Quadri

  1. Who was Sisi Quadri?
    • Sisi Quadri, also known as Tolani Oyebamiji, was a Nigerian actor, renowned for his contributions to Nollywood.
  2. When was Sisi Quadri born?
    • Sisi Quadri was born on December 26, 1979, in Iwo town, Osun State, Nigeria.
  3. What was Sisi Quadri known for?
    • Sisi Quadri was celebrated for his work as an actor in Nollywood, showcasing his versatility and talent.
  4. Did Sisi Quadri have any children?
    • Yes, Sisi Quadri was a proud father of two sons, Olamide Oyebamiji and Hazani Olamilekan Oyebamiji.
  5. How old was Sisi Quadri when he passed away?
    • Sisi Quadri was 44 years old at the time of his passing on March 2, 2024, due to complications related to kidney issues.


In remembrance of Sisi Quadri, let us honor his contributions to Nigerian cinema and celebrate the enduring legacy he leaves behind.


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