Everything You Need to Know Before Booking the Best Chippendale Hotel!

One of the essential parts of travelling is planning an itinerary. From mapping the most convenient route to preparing a list of all the tourist spots, an itinerary is your guide to safe and enjoyable travelling. However, thorough travel planning should also include finding the right hotel to book. A trip to Sydney is incomplete without visiting its lively suburb, Chippendale. What was once an industry-heavy area is now a bustling tourist destination. Booking the best Chippendale hotel will only help you explore and enjoy the diverse hub that Chippendale is!

Hotel Reviews

The first step toward booking a hotel, especially when unfamiliar with the area, is reading the reviews. Checking the reviews, ratings, and testimonials add to a resort’s reliability and reputation. Reviews from travellers and tourists will give you an insight into the hotel’s facilities, services, and operations. Travelling to a new and unknown destination is exciting, but you must also exercise caution regarding your safety and belongings. Therefore, before moving ahead with the booking process, make sure to read the reviews and comments left by previous guests.

Location of the Hotel

Choose a hotel that is in the heart of the city. Chippendale offers many tourist spots, such as Woolworths Central Park if you’d like to be surrounded by nature or the White Rabbit Gallery and the Japan Gallery Foundation if you are an art enthusiast. Booking a hotel that is at an accessible distance from the major tourist areas and public transit allows you to visit the city and return to your hotel conveniently and safely, reducing your chances of getting lost in an unfamiliar location.

Booking Costs

According to Trivago’s hotel price index, the average cost of booking a hotel room in Sydney is over $240 per night. While travelling, you need to manage various finances, including commuting, meals, and purchasing souvenirs. Adding a hotel booking to the list might overload your budget. Therefore, make sure you book a hotel that offers affordable deals. However, low cost does not always equal safety and quality. So, ensure you stay at a hotel that offers both affordability and excellent service.

Meal Facilities

Chippendale has various restaurants and food outlets, such as the stunning Ester Restaurant or Spice Alley, which offer a diverse and delicious menu. However, if you feel like staying indoors someday or cooking for yourself, ensure that the Chippendale hotel you book provides you with meal and dining services.

24/7 Services

The hotel you book should provide 24/7 customer services, such as reception calls, housekeeping, laundry, room service, and emergency operations. The hotel should also have an in-house eating outlet, backup electricity, and extra towels and bedsheets to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable.

Room Accommodation and Size

Whether you are a solo traveller or travelling with your friends and family, the rooms should accommodate you perfectly and comfortably. Browse the hotel’s official website to check for the room layout, size, and other amenities, such as the wardrobe, Wi-Fi, desks, and mirror.

Parking Spots

If you travel domestically in your vehicle, wish to rent a car during your stay in the city, or book a cab, make sure the hotel offers adequate and safe parking spaces.

Final Thoughts

Chippendale is a gorgeous inner suburb, and staying at the right Chippendale hotel will only enhance your experience in the city. Whether you feel like staying indoors during your stay or wish to explore the city’s cafes and pubs, pick a hotel that offers 24/7 services and meal facilities, and is located in a convenient and accessible area.

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