Fashion Expert Tips: How To Be A Fashion Master With A Dark Coloured Swimsuit

If there’s one fashion trend that’s been making a comeback in recent years, it’s dark coloured swimsuits. Whether you sport a sophisticated black and brown ensemble or something a little more daring it will add to your appearance. Choices like black swimsuit can give you the slimming effect and the edge needed to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few functional tips on how to get the look:

black swimsuit

  1. Start with the right swimsuit

Dark colours will often work better with neutral or light coloured bottoms, so be sure to test out different suits before buying. And if feeling extra daring, go for a one-piece suit instead of a bikini.

  1. Layer  swimwear

Layer it up to add some depth and dimension to a black swimsuit. Start with a tank top or bra top, and then add a flowy bottom or skirt. This will help create contrast and shape the figure while keeping things comfortable.

  1. Accessorise wisely

Opt for accessories that have a similar colour as the suit to help bring out the best in the black swimsuit look. This can be done by adding a tie or belt, giving the outfit more shape and definition. And if feeling extra daring, try out some jewellery. Jewelleries have to be carefully picked, especially if the location is larger than a swimming pool, this will help prevent losing precious pieces.

Ways to Wear a swimsuit this season

  1. Pair it with a bright colour accessory.

If the swimsuit is predominantly dark, try pairing it with a bright coloured accessory like a hat or sunglasses to bring some life into the outfit. This will help offset the dark colour and give a more versatile look for all sorts of occasions.

  1. Wear it during the day.

Although dark coloured swimsuits can look great at night, they are perfect for daytime wear. They can be paired with light colours like pastels or neutrals to keep things stylish and versatile.

Best Swimsuits and Bottoms for Women

  1. A dark coloured bikini is always an excellent choice for summer swimming. It will add some glamour to the look and help you stay relaxed and comfortable in the heat. 
  1. If looking for something more conservative, then a white or light coloured bikini is perfect. These suits will still show off your figure ideally, but nothing can match the vibes of a brightly coloured swimsuit.
  1. A one-piece swimsuit is another excellent option for those who want to stay traditional but still look stylish. These suits are typically a little less revealing, and they’ll still make the wearer feel like a million bucks.

A note to remember:

When choosing a dark coloured swimsuit, keep in mind that the swimsuit has to be both stylish and comfortable. Not recommended to be too tight or too loose, so find one that fits well but is also flattering. Try on different styles in the store and see what looks best.


Summer is in full swing, so it’s time to hit the pool and show off a stylish swimsuit. The wearer doesn’t have to be a fashion expert to pull off a dark coloured swimsuit. From choosing the right swimwear brand to adding a splash of colour with accessories, understanding the simple nuances of colour-coordination, accessorising tricks, and such will ensure that the wearer has a stylish presence in every pool party.

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