Holiday Bowl Results: Who Won the Holiday Bowl 2023? What was the final score of the USC vs. Louisville game?

Holiday Bowl Results

In an electrifying showdown, the 2023 Holiday Bowl witnessed the USC Trojans claiming a resounding victory with a final score of 42-28 over the Louisville Cardinals. The spotlight of this triumph shone brightly on quarterback Miller Moss, who, in his first-ever collegiate start, delivered an extraordinary performance by throwing an impressive six touchdown passes.

Holiday Bowl 2023: A Triumph for the Trojans

The 2023 Holiday Bowl concluded with an exciting matchup between USC and Louisville. USC emerged victorious with a stunning 42-28 win over Louisville at Petco Park. Despite missing key players due to transfers and NFL Draft declarations, USC’s Miller Moss shone brightly in his first collegiate start, throwing for 372 yards and an impressive six touchdowns. This win marked a pivotal moment for Moss and the Trojans, ending their season on a high note after a series of challenges and a disappointing regular season.



Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4


USC Trojans 42 7 21 7 7 42
Louisville Cardinals 28 7 7 7 7 28

A Standout Performance by Miller Moss

In his inaugural collegiate start, quarterback Miller Moss delivered an extraordinary performance, throwing six impressive touchdown passes. Moss’s remarkable display not only sealed the win for USC but also etched his name in the esteemed annals of the Holiday Bowl’s record books. This win stands as a testament to the Trojans’ resilience, showcasing their ability to overcome adversities faced throughout the season. It also points toward a promising future for USC football, highlighting Moss’s potential to lead the team toward continued success.

The Venue: Petco Park in San Diego

The 2023 Holiday Bowl electrified the iconic Petco Park in San Diego, setting the stage for an intense clash between the USC Trojans and the Louisville Cardinals. Petco Park, typically known for baseball, transformed into a vibrant arena for football, creating an energetic atmosphere that captivated fans. The stadium’s unique ambiance added to the thrill of the matchup, offering a picturesque backdrop for an exhilarating showdown between two competitive collegiate teams.

Where to Watch the Holiday Bowl?

For eager fans keen on catching every moment of the Holiday Bowl action, numerous avenues were available for tuning in. Television broadcasts and various streaming services featured the highly anticipated USC vs. Louisville matchup, ensuring accessibility for viewers both at the stadium and those watching remotely.

Platforms like FuboTV, DirecTV Stream, and Sling TV offered options for catching the game, some even providing exclusive discounts and offers, making the exhilarating encounter easily accessible to enthusiasts across multiple viewing platforms.

Holiday Bowl Results – FAQs

  1. When was the Holiday Bowl held in 2023?
    The 2023 Holiday Bowl took place on December 27th.
  2. What was the final score of the USC vs. Louisville game?
    USC triumphed over Louisville with a final score of 42-28.
  3. Who was the standout player for USC in the Holiday Bowl?
    USC’s Miller Moss delivered an exceptional performance, throwing for 372 yards and six touchdowns.
  4. Where did the Holiday Bowl 2023 occur?
    Petco Park in San Diego hosted the 2023 Holiday Bowl.
  5. How can I watch replays of the Holiday Bowl?
    Replays of the Holiday Bowl might be available on sports networks or streaming platforms.

In conclusion, the 2023 Holiday Bowl was a thrilling spectacle that showcased USC’s dominance and Miller Moss’s exceptional talents. This victory not only marked a significant moment for the Trojans but also left an indelible mark on the Holiday Bowl’s history. As fans eagerly awaited replays, the game’s electrifying moments continued to resonate, leaving us excited for the future of USC football.

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