How can I keep my Bike well-maintained in the Summer Seasons?

Summers are here, and temperatures are rising high in all parts of India. In such temperatures, it is not only the body but the bike that needs special care. It is pretty impossible to take care of your bike in the summers unless you plan it out. The humidity in the parts of India makes it impossible. Bike servicing online or even bike maintenance tips will effectively take care of your bike. With smart bike maintenance tips that you need to follow for your bike, it will eventually serve you for carrying out the summertime smoothly.

What are the secrets to taking care of your bike in Summer?

The secrets of bike maintenance checklists in the summer season are essential to let your bike get a good maintenance charm. Here are some impressive tips that you should follow;

1: Change the Coolant

The coolant plays a unique role in keeping your bike’s engine most healthy in the summer months. As the weather is already scorching, the engine tends to get very hot. If you leave your bike under the heat, it will eventually take away the smoothness. If your motorcycle engine is getting hot quickly and easily, then there is a chance that the bike’s coolant isn’t working correctly.

While comparing the bikes like Dominar 400 with Duke 360, the best bikes in India, you’ll notice that these bikes are liquid-cooled. In such cases, you need to change the coolant regularly and make sure that you check the radiator fan as well. If these also stop working due to mechanical faults, the changing coolant will help.

If the bike utilizes an air-based cooling system, you need to clean the engine regularly. It will allow maximum heat to dissipate. When the dust accumulates near your engine, it will prevent the air from escaping the engine, and it will make it hotter for you even to ride your bike.

2: Keep a Check on Treads and Tyre Pressure

As per the research, heat causes many elements to expand, whether solid, gas, or liquid. In the summer season, the tyres are prone to bursting. If too much pressure is built up due to the air expansion, the tyres will burst due to pressure one or two units lower than the standard unit.

Another exciting way to reduce the risk factor is to fill up the tyre with Nitrogen instead of the standard air. The use of Nitrogen will expand and maintain a stable temperature. Maintaining a bike is very important while taking care of these.

3: Keep an eye on the Radiator Fan

Ensure that the radiator fan is perfectly working as the radiator is the place where most of the heat in the bike is generated. Providing a splash of water or using high steam pressure to clean the bike will help protect the motorcycle from damage to the fan. Be careful while you splash water. Keep the radiator fan in good condition; otherwise, it might disrupt the cooking system. Make it a priority to check your bike radiator fan regularly. It’ll avoid pointing high-pressure water straight at the radiator fan.

4: Say a big NO to the full Fuel Tank

Carbon-based fuel like diesel or petrol expands when they are heated. If you fill your bike fuel tank in the summer months, it will overflow. So never do that. If you happen to park your bike under the scorching sun, there are high chances that it might get messy. Find a spot that will offer you ample shade for your bike, and it will keep the bike calm for long.

5: Clean the bike’s Engine Fins

If you have an air-cooled engine, you need to clean the fins. There is dirt that is hidden inside. You need to keep the airflow to the engine that is restricted, resulting in the engine heating up significantly. Let the aluminum engine cool completely. Place a nozzle on the garden hose and turn it on for cleaning. You can use shampoo or a mixture for cleaning the bike engine fins. In the end, thoroughly scrub the engine for complete cleaning.

Wrapping up,

The bike maintenance tips at home are practical, no doubt. If you want to sustain the longevity of your bike, then you need to take it for professional bike servicing. The top brands offering bike service at home or bike repair online will help you get sorted with all bike-related hassle. Your bike needs your care; basic summertime bike maintenance is compulsory. There are exciting ways to pay for your bike service and track it if you choose the plans accordingly. No need to struggle with financial hassles, all are set; you just need to tap for the best bike service near you. 

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