How HR Persons Improve Employees’ Mental Wellbeing And Reduce Their Stress Levels At Workplaces?

Work-related complexities never end. But without proper focus on mental wellbeing, employees fall prey to burnout, depression, anxieties, and unwanted stress. This pressure never ends. It keeps leveling up as employees move up the ladder. 

However, with HR managers, along with the integration of the uKnowva workflow management tool, some solutions are possible. After implementing these solutions, employees’ mental status and opportunities to automate purposeful experiences improve. 

Read the post to know these processes, and promote positive employee mental health at every touchpoint. 

5 Ways For Improving Employee Mental Wellbeing And Reduce Stress At Workplaces Consistently:

Dedicated helpdesks on the system for every worker. 

A smart and fault-free way to reduce stress between workers is to give them room to rant. Not every employee will always be happy and satisfied. This is more in the case of new employees. They might have differences in opinions to adjust initially. 

That increases their stress levels, being a new member of the team. However, with dedicated helpdesks, that problem resolves to a greater percentage. The mental wellbeing of each employee improves and becomes stable when they’re heard respectfully. 

Ensure that no worker is doing unpaid overtime. 

Employees tend to work extra time and increase their stress levels unnecessarily. They do so, thinking about impressing their seniors for hikes and promotions. But that doesn’t happen, and it is highly unproductive to work extra hours without getting paid.

Reporting managers can check their workers’ time using the timesheets and project management in uKnowva HRMS. They can receive timely alerts about their workers’ unpaid overtime and burnout episodes. 

Employers take corrective measures to finetune the culture and redefine employees’ expectations. 

They must help their employees understand how to build a better connection with their time. That is to avoid working extra or late hours and missing the fun time with their loved ones.

Doing this activity helps promote the necessary employee wellness at work.

Keep workers’ emotions in check using the happiness meter. 

“Happy employees” is not a myth. It is an achievable task for reporting managers or team leaders. They can leverage the use of uKnowva’s virtual biometric system. They use the happiness index or meter to gather daily data about employees’ moods. 

This data assembles a checklist or real-time report at the backend. It will let the seniors, super admins, and reporting managers know about happy and unhappy workers. 

With some tweaks, the smarter algorithms can list possible reasons for their unhappy or tired mood swings. This is an excellent tactic to track the employee’s mental health during business hours. 

Reading the statistical reports, managers know if they are treating their employees right or not. If there is any default, the system will highlight the same without fearing judgment or bias.

It will help employers address mental wellbeing as the major concern of their culture. They can start leveraging the employee engagement tool at uKnowva to counter the complexities of unhappy employees. 

That is because, with the uKnowva social intranet, employees feel secure, easy, and respected. They can openly share their opinions using the vote, survey, or discussion forums. 

There is no judgment, and managers can promote the inclusion, equity, and diversity factors at this point. It will help workers unwind and let go of their negative emotions. They can discuss their reasons for increased stress and come to a conclusive solution applied to everyone. 

Even team bonds can improve, automatically enabling employees to build trust and deeper connections. If that starts happening, people will work with a purpose like achieving common goals with new zeal.

Be a mentor who loves catching up with team members. 

Another interesting strategy to improve the mental health of employees is to catch up with them. Managers mustn’t let them feel isolated, neglected, unheard, or disrespected. Once they seep into the corners of a person’s mind, such emotions can lead to negativity in workplaces. 

These emotions are not easy to address and identify easily. However, smarter uKnowva HR analytics detects earlier stages of unhappy moods in employees. 

So, managers can schedule weekly, or bi-weekly catch-up calls with employees. That will help team members get to know each other with more empathy and excitement. 

Managers must know how to identify stressors at once when talking to employees. They must harness their observational skills even more during weekly remote work calls. 

To have a greater impact, they can merge their catch-up calls and bridge the gap between remote and in-office workers. That strategy does wonders in promoting mental wellbeing in workplaces.

Help employees automate tasks to share the burden.

Managers can improve employee mental health by lowering the workforce burden without compromising team efficiency levels. To do so, they implement the workforce and workflow management tools. 

These tools help automate daily critical and tedious tasks. That could be possible from pre-boarding to offboarding. It makes the entire workforce management easy, transparent, and purposeful.

Employees can use the chatbots, ESS portal, and other functionalities in the instance. That is to reduce their extra workload and become more employable and valuable. This strategy doesn’t require employees to learn hardcore coding or programming. 

Their mental wellbeing improves and has no bounds when using the uKnowva cloud-based enterprising solutions. Micromanagement is almost eradicated or eliminated. Employees earn their manager’s respect and trust by completing tasks on time. 

They make use of the automated functions regularly. Doing so makes an employee a superhuman. It helps them achieve doable tasks more often to break usual performance records.

With this practice, employees feel more charged up. They gain a lot of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. It happens automatically when employees continue to break records and achieve goals in great numbers.

Plus, employees get free time to balance their work and personal life. 

When they start paying attention to balancing their life, mental and emotional stressors decrease to greater limits.


Employee mental wellbeing becomes better and more purposeful with uKnowva workflow management functionalities. Employers address their stressors on time with HR, people, and relational analytical reports. 

Additionally, managers must proactively support their teams to motivate, empower, and enrich their purpose at work.

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