How to Get a Hoverboard in Omini X? What Are the Level Requirements for Hoverboards in Omni X?

How to Get a Hoverboard in Omini X
How to Get a Hoverboard in Omini X

In the virtual realm of Omni X, the allure of futuristic transportation beckons players to explore its vast landscapes with the aid of hoverboards. These sleek, hovering vehicles not only provide efficient travel but also add a dash of style to the gameplay. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to obtain a hoverboard in Omni X, along with insights into the level requirements for each model.

Understanding Hoverboards in Omni X

Hoverboards in Omni X are more than mere conveyances; they are symbols of progress and freedom within the game world. Offering swifter navigation across expansive terrains, hoverboards are coveted by players seeking efficiency and flair in their travels.

The Acquisition Process

Acquiring a hoverboard in Omni X involves a journey that begins with reaching specific level milestones. Each hoverboard model has its own level requirement, reflecting the progression needed to unlock its benefits.

Level Requirements for Hoverboards

  1. Hoverboard 1 – Level 100: The entry-level hoverboard becomes accessible once players reach the milestone of level 100.
  2. Hoverboard 2 – Level 150: Progressing further in the game unlocks Hoverboard 2, rewarding players who have attained level 150 with enhanced mobility.
  3. Hoverboard 3 – Level 200: At level 200, players gain access to Hoverboard 3, propelling them to new heights of exploration and speed.
  4. Hoverboard 4 – Level 250: Achieving level 250 marks the readiness for Hoverboard 4, offering advanced capabilities for traversing Omni X.
  5. Hoverboard 5 – Level 300: For the pinnacle of hoverboard technology, players must reach level 300 to unlock Hoverboard 5, the epitome of speed and style.

The Journey to Obtain a Hoverboard

  1. Reach Level 100: Begin your quest for a hoverboard by ensuring your character reaches at least level 100, a crucial milestone in your journey.
  2. Depart from Bellwood: Leave behind the familiarity of Bellwood, the starting city in Omni X, and venture into the unknown.
  3. Follow the Road: Head towards the expansive road adjacent to the MAXS PLUMBING building, setting your course for adventure.
  4. Navigate the Intersection: As you progress, you’ll encounter an intersection along the road. Take a right turn to continue your journey.
  5. Continue Along the Path: Persist on your path, following the road as it stretches into the distance, guiding you towards your destination.
  6. Arrive at the Hoverboard Area: Your persistence will lead you to a designated area where hoverboards await discovery. Keep an eye out for a small patch of dirt, signaling your imminent arrival.
  7. Choose Your Hoverboard: Survey the array of hoverboards before you and select the one that resonates with your style and aspirations.
  8. Claim Your Ride: Approach your chosen hoverboard and claim it as your own. A simple interaction seals your bond with this futuristic mode of transportation.
  9. Equip and Enjoy: With your hoverboard in hand, or rather underfoot, press the designated key to deploy it while in human form, unlocking newfound speed and agility.


In the realm of Omni X, hoverboards transcend mere utility, offering players a blend of practicality and style as they traverse the game world. By adhering to the specified level requirements and following the outlined steps, players can embark on a journey to acquire their own hoverboard, enhancing their gameplay experience and embracing the spirit of exploration.


  1. How to Get a Hoverboard in Omni X?
    • Reach level 100, leave Bellwood, follow the road, and find the hoverboard area to claim your futuristic ride.
  2. What are the level requirements for hoverboards in Omni X?
    • Hoverboard models in Omni X have varying level requirements, ranging from level 100 to level 300+.
  3. How many hoverboard models are available in Omni X?
    • There are five hoverboard models available in Omni X, each offering unique aesthetics and style.
  4. Are all hoverboards in Omni X the same in terms of speed and abilities?
    • Yes, despite differing level requirements, all hoverboards in Omni X offer the same speed and abilities.
  5. Is there a Discord server for Sol’s RNG on Roblox?
    • Yes, Sol’s RNG has a Discord server where players can engage with the community and discuss the game.

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