How to Get Yakgwa in Adopt Me? How many Yakgwa do I earn for releasing a kite?

How to Get Yakgwa in Adopt Me
How to Get Yakgwa in Adopt Me

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Yakgwa in Adopt Me

Yakgwa in Adopt Me serves as a special currency introduced alongside the Lunar New Year update. It acts as a means for players to acquire exclusive pets, items, accessories, and furniture during the two-week celebration period. Players have various methods to obtain Yakgwa:

  • Purchasing with Robux: Visit the Yakgwa Store in the Lunar New Year area to buy Yakgwa with Robux.
  • Finding and Releasing Kites: Discover and release kites scattered around Adoption Island to earn Yakgwa.
  • Playing the Red Lantern, Green Lantern Minigame: Participate in this minigame to collect bowls of Rice Cake Soup and earn Yakgwa based on performance.

Rewards Available in the Lunar New Year Gift Boxes

Common Rewards:

  • Rice Cake Soup
  • Sweet Rice Drink

Uncommon Rewards:

  • Lunar Moon Throw Toy
  • Rice Cake Hat
  • Rice Cake Rabbit Kite
  • Diamond Fanghorn Kite

Rare Rewards:

  • Daltokki Kite
  • Fanghorn Kite
  • Jegi Throw Toy
  • Hanbok Pet Wear

Ultra-Rare Rewards:

  • Rice Cake Rabbit Pet
  • Fanghorn Tortoise Pet
  • Rainbow Dragon Hat
  • Midnight Dragon Kite
  • Rainbow Dragon Kite

Legendary Rewards:

  • Rainbow Dragon
  • Dragonster Vehicle

Adopt Me

Adopt Me is a popular online game on the Roblox platform where players can adopt virtual pets and engage in various activities. Developed by Uplift Games, it initially focused on role-playing scenarios of adoption but later shifted its emphasis to caring for pets.

Adopt Me Gameplay

Adopt Me Gameplay revolves around players adopting and caring for virtual pets. Players can hatch pets from eggs, with each egg type yielding different pets. Pets go through various life stages, from newborns to full-grown, and players can trade them with others.

How to Get Yakgwa in Adopt Me? – FAQs

  1. How to buy Yakgwa in Adopt Me?
    • Go to the Lunar New Year area, access the Yakgwa Store, and choose the desired amount to purchase with Robux.
  2. What are the two methods to earn Yakgwa without spending Robux?
    • Finding and releasing kites around Adoption Island or playing the Red Lantern, Green Lantern minigame.
  3. How many Yakgwa do I earn for releasing a kite?
    • Each released kite rewards you with 150 Yakgwa.
  4. Can I release kites multiple times in one in-game day?
    • No, kites can be released once per in-game day cycle.
  5. What is the objective of the Red Lantern, Green Lantern minigame?
    • Collect bowls of Rice Cake Soup while avoiding detection by statues.

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