Is Alastair McKimm Leaving ‘I-D’ After 10 Years? Why is Alastair McKimm Leaving ‘I-D’? Who is Alastair McKimm?

Is Alastair McKimm Leaving 'I-D' After 10 Years
Is Alastair McKimm Leaving ‘I-D’ After 10 Years

Alastair McKimm, a prominent figure in the fashion industry, has announced his departure from I-D after a decade of dedicated service. The announcement came during the final day of New York Fashion Week, where McKimm took to Instagram to share the news with his followers and the fashion community at large.

Alastair McKimm’s Departure Announcement

Yes, indeed, Alastair McKimm is bidding farewell to I-D after an illustrious tenure spanning ten years. His Instagram post served as the platform for this significant announcement, marking the end of an era for both McKimm and the renowned publication.

McKimm’s Tenure at I-D

Throughout his time at I-D, McKimm donned various hats, contributing significantly to the publication’s success. He spent five years as the Fashion Director, followed by an additional five years as the Editor-in-Chief, leaving an indelible mark on the magazine’s editorial direction and creative output.

Impact of McKimm’s Departure

McKimm’s departure leaves a void at I-D, signaling a transition for the publication as it prepares to bid farewell to one visionary leader and welcome another. His influence and contributions have been pivotal in shaping I-D’s identity and maintaining its relevance in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion journalism.

McKimm’s Gratitude

Despite parting ways with I-D, McKimm expressed deep gratitude towards his team, collaborators, and the founders of I-D, Terry and Tricia Jones. He acknowledged their unwavering support and mentorship throughout his tenure, underscoring the profound impact they’ve had on his career and personal growth.

I-D’s Transition

As I-D embarks on a new chapter, the appointment of a new Editor-in-Chief becomes paramount. This transition period presents both challenges and opportunities for the publication, as it seeks to uphold its legacy while embracing innovation and change under fresh leadership.

Who is Alastair McKimm?

Alastair McKimm’s journey in the fashion industry traces back to his early years, born on November 13, 1978, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His passion for fashion led him to pursue formal education in the field, eventually carving a niche for himself as a stylist, creative director, and editor.

Name Alastair McKimm
Birthday November 13, 1978
Age 45
Birthplace Belfast, Northern Ireland

Alastair McKimm’s Career

McKimm’s career is characterized by its versatility and influence. From his humble beginnings assisting Edward Enninful at I-D to his global editorial role, McKimm’s trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. He has collaborated with renowned designers, curated iconic fashion campaigns, and left an indelible mark on the industry.

Alastair McKimm’s Age

At 45 years old, McKimm’s age belies his enduring impact and relevance within the fashion world. His age serves as a testament to his experience and expertise, contributing to his standing as a respected authority and sought-after collaborator in the industry.

Reasons for Leaving I-D

McKimm’s decision to depart from I-D stems from a combination of professional and personal considerations. After a decade of service, he feels compelled to explore new opportunities and challenges, signaling a natural progression in his career journey.


In conclusion, Alastair McKimm’s departure from I-D marks the end of an era while paving the way for new beginnings. His legacy at the publication will endure, serving as a testament to his vision, creativity, and dedication to the world of fashion.


  1. Is Alastair McKimm leaving ‘I-D’ after 10 years?
    • Yes, Alastair McKimm is leaving I-D.
  2. Who is Alastair McKimm?
    • Alastair McKimm is a prominent figure in the fashion industry, known for his roles as a stylist, creative director, and editor.
  3. How old is Alastair McKimm?
    • Alastair McKimm was born on November 13, 1978, making him 45 years old.
  4. What is Alastair McKimm’s birth sign?
    • Alastair McKimm’s birth sign is Scorpio.
  5. Where was Alastair McKimm born?
    • Alastair McKimm was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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