Is Gizelle Bryant Dating? Know Are Gizelle Bryant and Jason Cameron Still Together?

Is Gizelle Bryant Dating

In the world of reality television, where drama is often the name of the game, the relationship between Gizelle Bryant and Jason Cameron has managed to captivate audiences with its unique story. Gizelle Bryant, a star of “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” continues her romance with Winter House’s Jason Cameron, defying distance and garnering attention with their unconventional relationship.

Is Gizelle Bryant Dating?

Gizelle Bryant, a 53-year-old from “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” is indeed dating Jason Cameron, a 37-year-old from “Winter House.” What makes their relationship stand out is not just the age difference but also the geographical challenge of a long-distance relationship. Jason resides in New York City, while Gizelle calls Maryland home. Despite these obstacles, they’ve been together for over a year since their chance meeting at BravoCon in 2022.

Their love story is punctuated by occasional get-togethers, often at hotels. Interestingly, while Gizelle’s fellow RHOP castmates may not be close to Jason, her daughters have taken a liking to him. It’s a testament to the strength of their connection that they continue to make it work despite the unconventional arrangement.

Are Gizelle Bryant and Jason Cameron Still Together?

Yes, Gizelle Bryant and Jason Cameron are still very much together. Their journey has not been without its share of hurdles, particularly the long-distance aspect and infrequent meetings. However, since their serendipitous meeting at BravoCon in 2022, they’ve managed to make it work. They continue to bridge the gap between New York and Maryland, making the effort to see each other every couple of weeks.

While the majority of Gizelle’s RHOP castmates might not share the same closeness with Jason as she does, Mia Thornton is an exception. The absence of immediate plans for Jason to move to Potomac doesn’t seem to deter the relationship. Gizelle’s daughters adore him, and together, they maintain a low-key public presence that keeps fans intrigued.

Who is Jason Cameron?

Jason Cameron is the charismatic heartthrob from Winter House who has swept Gizelle Bryant off her feet in Season 8 of “The Real Housewives of Potomac.” At 37 years old, he is 16 years younger than Gizelle. Their journey began with a memorable first date in January 2023, introduced by Ashley Darby.

While their age difference might have raised a few eyebrows initially, their “situationship” has proven to be quite promising. Gizelle herself describes Jason as a breath of fresh air in her life. Known for his role in Winter House, Jason has not only brought joy into her life but has also added an element of excitement to their long-distance relationship. He goes the extra mile to ensure that their moments together are truly special and memorable.

Jason Cameron Career

Jason Cameron is more than just a reality TV star. While his full professional background might not be explicitly detailed, he is best known for his role in “Winter House.” Despite not having a defined label for his relationship with Gizelle, Jason has expressed the uniqueness of their connection.

At BravoCon 2023, he emphasized the special bond they share and made an appearance on the premiere of “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” showcasing his culinary skills at Bryant’s Potomac home. Jason’s career appears dynamic, with his charisma adding a unique flavor to both reality TV and public appearances alongside Gizelle Bryant.

Who is Gizelle Bryant?

Gizelle Annette Bryant, formerly known as Graves, is a well-known American TV personality and author. Her claim to fame comes from her role in the reality TV series “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” which she has been a part of since 2016. Notably, before her television career took off, Bryant held the esteemed position of First Lady at Empowerment Temple AME (African Methodist Episcopal).

Beyond her television endeavors, Gizelle has ventured into the realm of authorship. Her multifaceted presence in both reality TV and community roles has contributed significantly to her public profile, making Gizelle Bryant a notable figure in American entertainment and community leadership.

Gizelle Bryant Career

Since its debut on January 17, 2016, Gizelle Bryant has been a prominent figure on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Potomac.” Beyond reality TV, she ventured into entrepreneurship by launching her beauty brand, EveryHue Beauty, in 2017. Adding to her TV portfolio, Bryant became the co-host of Bravo’s “Chat Room” in 2020, alongside Porsha Williams.

Expanding her media presence, she teamed up with Robyn Dixon in May 2021 for the podcast “Reasonably Shady,” where they share personal stories and insights. The podcast earned a nomination for Outstanding Arts and Entertainment Podcast at the 53rd NAACP Image Awards in 2022. In March 2023, Bryant took part in the third season of “The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip,” streamed on Peacock.

FAQs About Gizelle Bryant and Jason Cameron

Is Gizelle Bryant still dating Jason Cameron?

Yes, Gizelle Bryant and Jason Cameron are still together, maintaining their relationship despite the challenges of a long-distance setup.

How long have Gizelle and Jason been dating?

They have been dating for over a year since meeting at BravoCon in 2022.

Do Gizelle’s RHOP castmates approve of Jason?

Except for Mia Thornton, Gizelle’s RHOP castmates are not close to Jason.

Is there a plan for Jason to move to Potomac?

No, Jason isn’t considering moving to Potomac, but he visits and stays overnight at Gizelle’s home in Maryland.

What is the nature of Gizelle and Jason’s relationship?

They describe their relationship as casual and fun, emphasizing that their unconventional arrangement works for them, with occasional social media posts and a low-key public profile.

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