Is Joey Fatone Married? Joey Fatone’s Relationship with Kelly Baldwin!

Is Joey Fatone Married
Is Joey Fatone Married


Joey Fatone, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has garnered attention not only for his contributions to music but also for his personal life. One of the recurring questions that fans have is about his marital status. Let’s delve into the details of Joey Fatone’s marriage to Kelly Baldwin, his career highlights, family life, and more.

Joey Fatone’s Relationship with Kelly Baldwin

Joey Fatone and Kelly Baldwin’s love story dates back to their high school days. They met in 1993 and embarked on a journey that led to marriage in 2004. However, their path to marital bliss wasn’t conventional.

High School Sweethearts:

The bond between Joey and Kelly blossomed during their time in high school. Despite the challenges that often come with teenage relationships, they stood the test of time.

Unconventional Path to Marriage:

Their relationship took a unique trajectory, characterized by periods of being on and off. After a decade of navigating their romance, they eventually tied the knot. This unconventional journey speaks volumes about their commitment to each other.

Challenges Faced:

Like any couple, Joey and Kelly encountered obstacles along the way. Despite their enduring love, they faced difficulties that led to their decision to file for divorce in 2019.

Family Life and Children

Joey and Kelly are proud parents to two daughters: Briahna and Kloey.

Daughters: Briahna and Kloey:

Their eldest daughter, Briahna, was born in April 2001, followed by Kloey in January 2010. Their family dynamic reflects love, support, and the challenges of parenthood.

Kloey’s High-Functioning Autism:

Kloey’s journey with high-functioning autism (HFA) has presented unique challenges for the family. Despite these challenges, Joey and Kelly have been steadfast in their support for Kloey, even participating in activities aimed at raising awareness and support for autism.

Career Highlights

Joey Fatone’s career spans across various domains, showcasing his versatility and talent.

NSYNC and Music Career:

Joey rose to prominence as a member of NSYNC, one of the most successful boy bands of the ’90s. Their global success cemented Joey’s status as a music icon.

Ventures in Acting:

Beyond music, Joey ventured into acting, showcasing his skills in movies, television shows, and stage productions. His diverse roles highlight his range as an actor.

Television Hosting and Appearances:

Joey’s charismatic personality led him to various hosting gigs, where he entertained audiences with his wit and charm. From game shows to reality TV, Joey’s presence resonated with viewers.

Joey Fatone’s Net Worth

Joey Fatone’s net worth is estimated at $7 million, a testament to his multifaceted career and business endeavors.

Sources of Income:

His earnings stem from music royalties, acting roles, and hosting gigs. Joey’s ability to diversify his income streams has contributed to his financial success.

Business Ventures:

In addition to his entertainment career, Joey owns Fat One’s, a hot dog stand in Orlando, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.


Joey Fatone’s journey is a testament to perseverance, talent, and resilience. From his early days in NSYNC to his diverse career in entertainment, Joey has left an indelible mark on the industry. Despite the challenges he’s faced, both personally and professionally, Joey continues to inspire audiences worldwide.


  1. When did Joey Fatone and Kelly Baldwin get married, and how did their relationship begin? Joey Fatone married Kelly Baldwin in 2004 after their love story began in 1993 during high school.
  2. What unconventional path did Joey Fatone and Kelly Baldwin’s relationship take? They had a child, lived together, and eventually got married after a decade of being on and off.
  3. What advice did Joey Fatone give to Justin Timberlake regarding marriage? Joey emphasized the importance of maintaining happiness, lightness, and fun in the relationship, especially when dealing with the pressures of fame.
  4. How did Joey Fatone respond to tabloid rumors about his marriage to Kelly Baldwin? Joey denied the rumors, suggesting that negative reports often arise when things are going well. He reassured that they were still married and their children were doing well.
  5. How many daughters do Joey Fatone and Kelly Baldwin have, and what challenges does their family face? They have two daughters: Briahna, born in April 2001, and Kloey, born in January 2010. Kloey has high-functioning Autism, which has posed challenges for their family.


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