Is Jordan from Big Brother Pregnant? Know The Everything About Her Personal Life

Is Jordan from Big Brother Pregnant

In the world of reality television, Jordan Lloyd is a name that resonates with viewers. Best known for her triumphant victory in the 11th season of Big Brother, Jordan has captured the hearts of fans with her down-to-earth charm and relatability. But amidst her popularity, questions have arisen regarding her personal life, particularly rumors about her pregnancy. In this article, we’ll delve into the latest updates and speculations surrounding Jordan from Big Brother and her pregnancy status.

The Pregnancy Rumors

The burning question on everyone’s mind: Is Jordan from Big Brother pregnant? The answer, as of now, is no. Despite the numerous speculations and rumors circulating online, Jordan Lloyd herself has not confirmed any pregnancy. It’s important to emphasize the significance of relying on official statements from the individuals involved before jumping to conclusions about their personal lives.

The Importance of Verification

Until Jordan addresses the rumors or provides any official confirmation, the information remains unverified. Fans and followers of Jordan are understandably curious about her personal life, especially when it comes to the possibility of pregnancy. However, it’s crucial to approach such information with caution, respecting Jordan’s privacy and patiently waiting for her to share any news when she deems it appropriate.

Who is Jordan Lloyd?

Jordan Lloyd is a prominent American reality television personality who rose to fame through her victory in the 11th season of Big Brother. Her genuine and relatable personality endeared her to viewers and secured her win on the reality competition. This victory marked the beginning of a successful reality TV journey that included appearances in various shows, showcasing her versatility and appeal to audiences.

Beyond Big Brother, Jordan ventured into The Amazing Race 16, demonstrating her ability to tackle challenges beyond the Big Brother house. She also participated in Big Brother 13 and Marriage Boot Camp, providing fans with glimpses of different facets of her personality and relationships. With her enduring presence and resilience, Jordan Lloyd has made her mark in the world of reality television.

Attribute Information
Name Jordan Lloyd
Born November 21, 1986
Born Place Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.
Age 37
Education David W. Butler High School
Known for Big Brother 11 (winner), The Amazing Race 16, Big Brother 13, Marriage Boot Camp, Big Brother Reindeer Games (co-host)
Spouse Jeff Schroeder (married in 2016)
Children Lawson Keith Schroeder and Layton Sarti Schroeder
Parents Not Disclosed
Siblings Not Disclosed

Jordan Lloyd’s Personal Life

Jordan’s personal life became a topic of interest after her time on Big Brother. She confirmed her relationship with fellow contestant Jeff Schroeder in October 2009, and the couple’s bond deepened over the years. In May 2012, they made a significant move together to Los Angeles, where their adventures were chronicled in the web show “Jeff and Jordan do America.”

Their love story reached a milestone when Jeff proposed to Jordan in the Big Brother house, where their connection first blossomed during season 11. The engagement took place in September 2014, and the couple initially planned to marry on October 1, 2016. However, they surprised everyone by quietly tying the knot in March of the same year and announcing their first child’s impending arrival, a boy due in October 2016.

Their first son, Lawson Keith Schroeder, was born on October 13, 2016. However, the couple faced challenges after Lawson’s birth when Jordan experienced postpartum depression. Despite the difficulties, they persevered and expanded their family, welcoming their second son, Layton Sarti Schroeder, on September 7, 2018.

Jordan’s Journey with Body Image

Jordan Lloyd has been open about embracing her true self, including discussions about her body and weight. While there isn’t recent news about significant weight gain, Jordan has previously shared insights into her journey, especially during her time on Big Brother. She disclosed a weight gain during her season, which presented clothing challenges upon leaving the show.

Jordan has admitted to occasionally indulging in chocolate but emphasizes her commitment to maintaining a balanced and healthier lifestyle. Her experiences encourage others to embrace their true selves while navigating the complexities of body image and wellness.

Family and Personal Growth

Although Jordan maintains privacy about her parents and siblings, she has shown deep commitment to her family. After winning the 11th season of Big Brother, she used her winnings to secure a home for herself, her mother, and her brother in Waxhaw, North Carolina. This gesture reflects her values and the importance she places on her relationships.

Jordan returned to work at a salon and continued her education after settling into her new home, balancing family, work, and personal growth. This demonstrates her commitment to building a well-rounded and fulfilling life for herself and her loved ones.

Jordan Lloyd’s Television Career

Jordan’s television career skyrocketed with her appearance on Big Brother 11. Her journey was marked by strategic alliances, unexpected twists, and a resilient spirit that endeared her to viewers. Placed in the high school cliques twist, Jordan formed a close bond with fellow houseguest Jeff Schroeder, which played a pivotal role in her success.

She returned for Big Brother 13, showcasing her adaptability and strategic prowess. Jordan also participated in The Amazing Race 16 alongside Jeff, demonstrating her versatility in different reality show formats.

In a surprising turn, Jordan continued her influence in reality television, co-hosting the Big Brother Reindeer Games alongside other former contestants. Her journey from beloved houseguest to a versatile personality in the reality TV world showcases her enduring popularity.

Jordan Lloyd’s Net Worth

Jordan Lloyd’s net worth is estimated to be $300,000. Her primary source of income comes from her involvement in reality television, including her Big Brother victory and appearances on other reality shows. Additionally, her participation in media projects related to her reality TV persona has likely contributed to her earnings.


1. Is Jordan from Big Brother currently pregnant?

As of now, there is no official confirmation from Jordan Lloyd regarding her pregnancy.

2. Have Jordan and Jeff Schroeder announced a pregnancy?

No, Jordan and Jeff Schroeder, her husband, have not made any public announcements confirming a pregnancy.

3. Are the pregnancy rumors about Jordan from Big Brother true?

The pregnancy rumors surrounding Jordan Lloyd are unconfirmed, as there has been no official statement or acknowledgment from her.

4. Has Jordan addressed the pregnancy speculation on social media?

Jordan has not addressed or commented on the pregnancy speculation circulating on social media platforms.

5. When can we expect an official statement about Jordan’s pregnancy?

It’s uncertain when or if Jordan will provide an official statement. Until then, any information regarding her pregnancy remains speculative and unverified.

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