Is Koe Wetzel Married? Koe Wetzel Wife: Career, Net Worth and More!

Is Koe Wetzel Married
Is Koe Wetzel Married

Koe Wetzel, born Ropyr Madison Koe Wetzel on July 14, 1992, is an American singer and songwriter renowned for his unique blend of rock and country music. His style, often categorized as outlaw country, seamlessly merges the twang of traditional country with the raw energy of grunge, creating a sound that captivates audiences worldwide.

Koe Wetzel’s Relationship Status

In terms of his personal life, Koe Wetzel’s relationship status often piques the interest of fans. While the talented musician is not married, he has been in a committed relationship with his girlfriend, Bailey Fisher, for several years. Despite the spotlight on his career, Wetzel maintains a relatively private life, choosing to keep details of his relationship out of the public eye.

Attribute Details
Full Name Ropyr Madison Koe Wetzel
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 14th, 1992
Age 32 years (as of April 2024)
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Place of Birth Pittsburg, Texas, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Singer and Songwriter
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Height 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm)
Weight 95 kg (209 pounds)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Mother Julie Wetzel
Siblings Presleigh Kara and Zoie Kate
Instagram Page @koe_wetzel
Twitter Account @KoeWetzel
Facebook Page @KoeWetzelMusic
YouTube Channel Koe Wetzel

Koe Wetzel’s Girlfriend

Bailey Fisher holds a special place in Koe Wetzel’s life, being his long-time partner and confidante. Although the exact details of their relationship’s inception remain undisclosed to the media, it is believed that they began dating around 2013. Despite their discretion, Koe occasionally shares glimpses of their bond with his fans, offering a personal touch to his public persona.

Long-term Relationship with Bailey Fisher

The enduring nature of Koe Wetzel’s relationship with Bailey Fisher reflects a deep commitment and connection between the two. Despite the demands of his music career, Wetzel prioritizes his relationship, showcasing a balance between his public persona and private life.

Lack of Confirmation Regarding a Daughter

Regarding the speculation surrounding Koe Wetzel’s family life, particularly regarding the presence of a daughter, there is no definitive information available. Wetzel maintains a low profile concerning his family matters, focusing instead on his music career and interactions with fans through his art.

Koe Wetzel’s Career

Koe Wetzel’s journey in the music industry traces back to his early exposure to music, influenced by his mother, a touring country singer. Despite initially pursuing other endeavors, his passion for music eventually led him to form the band “Koe Wetzel & the Konvicts.” Through independent releases and solo projects, Wetzel gradually gained recognition for his raw, authentic style.

Rise to Fame

Koe Wetzel’s rise to fame can be attributed to his captivating performances and relatable lyrics. His ability to connect with audiences, coupled with his distinctive musical style, propelled him into the spotlight. With hit albums like “Noise Complaint” and “Harold Saul High,” Wetzel solidified his position as a celebrated figure in the music industry.

Koe Wetzel’s Net Worth

As a testament to his success, Koe Wetzel boasts a substantial net worth estimated at around 2 million USD. His financial achievements reflect the impact he has had on the country music scene and the unwavering support of his dedicated fanbase.


In conclusion, while Koe Wetzel’s music continues to captivate audiences worldwide, his personal life remains relatively private. Despite the lack of confirmation regarding certain aspects of his family life, Wetzel’s dedication to his craft and his enduring relationship with Bailey Fisher underscore the depth of his character both on and off the stage.


  1. Is Koe Wetzel Married? No, Koe Wetzel is not married, but he is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Bailey Fisher.
  2. Does Koe Wetzel Have a Daughter? There is no widely known information or confirmation regarding Koe Wetzel having a daughter.
  3. How did Koe Wetzel rise to fame? Koe Wetzel rose to fame through his music career, starting in 2012 with the band Koe Wetzel & the Konvicts and gaining widespread recognition for his solo work.
  4. How did Koe Wetzel get into music? Koe Wetzel’s passion for music began early in life, influenced by his mother, a touring country singer, and he started performing on stage at the age of six.
  5. What are Koe Wetzel’s notable albums? Koe Wetzel’s notable albums include “Love and Lies” (2012), “Noise Complaint” (2016), and “Harold Saul High” (2019).

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