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Is Liv Morgan Dating

In the world of professional wrestling, rumors about the personal lives of the stars often captivate fans, and WWE Superstar Liv Morgan has found herself at the center of speculation.

Despite being presumed to be in a relationship with fellow WWE star Bo Dallas, recent sightings of Liv Morgan alongside AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) at events, including the premiere of A24’s film “The Iron Claw,” have sparked dating rumors.

Liv Morgan’s Dating Buzz

While both Liv and MJF are reportedly involved with other individuals – Liv with Bo Dallas and MJF with sports media personality Alicia Atout – their interactions and MJF’s cheeky references at the premiere have only fueled speculation and added an intriguing layer to the buzz surrounding Liv Morgan’s personal life.

The premiere of “The Iron Claw” brought together wrestling stars from various promotions, with WWE legend John Cena making a notable appearance on the red carpet. Cena was seen mingling with the film’s stars, including MJF, and taking photos.

The Off-Screen Drama

While the focus was on the movie’s portrayal of the wrestling industry, the off-screen interactions, particularly those involving Liv Morgan and MJF, have kept fans speculating about the dynamics of their relationships. As the wrestling community eagerly anticipates the film’s release on December 22, the rumors surrounding Liv Morgan’s dating life continue to capture attention and add an unexpected twist to the industry’s off-screen drama.

Who is Liv Morgan?

Liv Morgan is an accomplished American professional wrestler and actress known in the wrestling world by her ring name, Liv Morgan. Currently signed to WWE, she is an integral part of the Raw brand.

Birth Name Gionna Daddio
Born June 8, 1994
Born Place Morristown, New Jersey, U.S.
Age 29
Ring Names Gionna Daddio, Liv Morgan, Marley
Billed Height 5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
Billed From Elmwood Park, New Jersey
Trained by WWE Performance Center
Debut June 27, 2015

Morgan’s journey in WWE began in 2014 when she inked a contract with the organization and started her training at the WWE Performance Center. Initially performing under her real name, she transitioned to the moniker Liv Morgan while making her presence felt in the developmental brand NXT. In 2017, Liv Morgan made her debut on the main roster and formed the popular stable known as The Riott Squad alongside Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan.

The Rise of Liv Morgan

Following the disbandment of the stable in 2019, Liv embarked on a solo career, later reuniting with Ruby Riott until Riott’s release in 2021. Liv’s career reached new heights in 2022 when she won the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match and successfully cashed in on the same night, defeating Ronda Rousey to secure her first championship – the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

In 2023, Liv Morgan joined forces with Raquel Rodriguez, and together, they have achieved remarkable success, winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship a record-tying two times as a formidable tag team.

Liv Morgan’s Dating History

Here is a dating history of Liv Morgan:-

nZo (FKA Enzo Amore)

Liv Morgan’s dating history reportedly includes a relationship with former WWE Cruiserweight Champion nZo, also known as Enzo Amore. They first met before Liv joined WWE, sharing their initial encounter at a Hooters restaurant where Liv used to work. Their relationship continued during Liv’s time in NXT, and nZo revealed in an interview that they even lived together for a while. However, the romance came to an end in 2017, and Liv hinted at a possible infidelity in a Twitter post. nZo was released by WWE in January 2018.

Tyler Bate

Following her split with nZo, Liv Morgan was linked to NXT UK star Tyler Bate. Although neither Liv nor Bate confirmed their relationship, social media posts and flirtatious exchanges fueled rumors. The two wrestlers shared photos together on social media, sparking speculation about their closeness. However, Liv later announced her single status in April 2018 via Ruby Soho’s Instagram story. Tyler Bate, a former NXT UK Champion, continues his wrestling career in WWE, currently holding the NXT UK Tag Team Titles with Trent Seven.

Bo Dallas

In more recent years, reports have connected Liv Morgan romantically to former WWE RAW Tag Team Champion Bo Dallas. Bo Dallas was previously in a relationship with Sarah Backman, but after their marriage ended in 2019, rumors circulated about Bo Dallas and Liv Morgan living together on a farm. Despite the couple never officially confirming their relationship, wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer reported that they not only live together but have also started a family real estate business. Bo Dallas was released by WWE in April 2021 and has since focused on non-wrestling ventures, including running his farm and hosting a cooking show on YouTube.

Liv Morgan’s dating history reflects her connections within the wrestling industry, with each relationship marked by its own unique circumstances and outcomes.

Liv Morgan Career

Liv Morgan’s career in the world of professional wrestling began when she was discovered at Joe DeFranco’s gym in Wyckoff, New Jersey. In 2014, she signed a contract with WWE, leading to her assignment to the developmental territory, NXT, in October of the same year. Initially appearing as a planted fan, Liv Morgan made her televised debut at NXT TakeOver: Rival in 2015. She briefly worked under the ring name Marley before returning as Liv Morgan in December 2015, marking the beginning of her journey as a singles competitor.

Liv’s breakthrough came with her role in the formation of The Riott Squad, debuting on the main roster in 2017 alongside Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. The trio quickly gained attention as heels, making a notable impact on the SmackDown Live brand. After The Riott Squad disbanded in 2019, Liv transitioned through brand switches, turning face and engaging in various feuds, notably with Lana and Ruby Riott.

Liv’s Championship Reign

The highlight of Liv Morgan’s career came in 2022 when she won the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match and cashed in the same night, defeating Ronda Rousey to clinch the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Teaming up with Raquel Rodriguez, they secured the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship twice, showcasing Liv’s versatility and success in both singles and tag team competition.

Beyond the wrestling ring, Liv expanded her presence into the gaming world, featuring in various WWE video games. Additionally, she ventured into acting, making her movie debut in “The Kill Room” alongside notable actors like Maya Hawke, Samuel L. Jackson, and Uma Thurman. Liv Morgan’s career continues to evolve, making her a multifaceted talent in the realms of sports entertainment and entertainment media.

Liv Morgan Early Life

Liv Morgan, born Gionna Daddio on June 8, 1994, hails from Morristown, New Jersey. However, she was raised in the nearby town of Elmwood Park. Growing up in a family with four older brothers and a sister, Liv faced challenges after the passing of her father, with her mother courageously raising all six children as a single parent. Liv’s early years were marked by her passion for professional wrestling, and she actively participated in backyard wrestling with her siblings, showcasing an early inclination towards the sport.

Before entering the world of professional wrestling, Liv Morgan had a background in competitive cheerleading, showcasing her athleticism and passion for physical activities. Additionally, she worked and modeled for the well-known restaurant chain Hooters, highlighting her diverse experiences and interests outside the wrestling ring. Liv Morgan’s journey from her formative years in New Jersey to becoming a prominent figure in WWE reflects her resilience, love for the sport, and dedication to her craft.

Liv Morgan Net Worth

Liv Morgan Net Worth is $3 million. He primarily earns income through her professional wrestling career with WWE. As a contracted wrestler with the company, she receives a salary for her performances, appearances on television shows, pay-per-view events, and live shows. Wrestlers also have opportunities to earn bonuses and incentives based on their success, merchandising sales, and participation in special events.

Additionally, Liv Morgan may receive income from various sources related to her WWE persona, including royalties from merchandise sales featuring her likeness, action figures, and other promotional materials. WWE wrestlers often have a share in the revenue generated from the sale of their branded merchandise. Liv Morgan’s foray into other forms of entertainment, such as her involvement in WWE video games and her debut in the movie “The Kill Room,” may also contribute to her income. Participation in media projects, endorsements, and appearances on WWE-related programming can open up additional revenue streams for professional wrestlers.


1. Is Liv Morgan currently dating anyone?

As of the latest available information, Liv Morgan’s current relationship status is not publicly disclosed. While she has been linked to colleagues in the past, her personal life is generally kept private.

2. Who has Liv Morgan reportedly dated in the wrestling industry?

Liv Morgan has been linked to several wrestlers in the past, including former WWE Cruiserweight Champion nZo (Enzo Amore), NXT UK star Tyler Bate, and reportedly, she is currently associated with former WWE RAW Tag Team Champion Bo Dallas.

3. Are Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas officially a couple?

Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas have not officially confirmed their relationship status. However, reports suggest that they are living together and have started a family real estate business.

4. Who is Bo Dallas, and what is his relationship history?

Bo Dallas, whose real name is Taylor Michael Rotunda, is a former WWE Superstar. He was previously in a relationship with former NXT star Sarah Backman, whom he married in June 2014. After their divorce in 2019, rumors linked Bo Dallas to Liv Morgan.

5. When did Liv Morgan and nZo (Enzo Amore) date, and how did their relationship end?

Liv Morgan and nZo reportedly dated during Liv’s time in NXT. Their relationship came to an end in 2017, and Liv hinted at a possible infidelity on social media. Since then, both have moved on with their respective lives, with nZo being released from WWE in January 2018.

In conclusion, the dating life of Liv Morgan continues to be a topic of interest among wrestling fans, with rumors and speculations adding an intriguing dimension to her persona. While her career in WWE has been marked by significant achievements, including championship victories, Liv Morgan’s personal life remains a private matter, and she chooses to keep it separate from her public persona. As she continues to evolve as a wrestler and expand her horizons into other forms of entertainment, fans can look forward to more exciting developments in her career and, perhaps, insights into her personal life in the future.

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