Is Martin Short Married? Martin Short Wife, A Comedic Legend!

Is Martin Short Married
Is Martin Short Married

Martin Short, a name synonymous with laughter and entertainment, has left an indelible mark on the world of comedy and acting. Beyond his illustrious career, many are curious about his personal life, particularly regarding his marital status and the love of his life, Nancy Dolman. Let’s delve into the life of this comedic icon and unravel the story behind Martin Short’s marriage and personal journey.

Introducing Martin Short: A Comedic Legend

Martin Hayter Short OC, born on March 26, 1950, is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, and writer whose talents transcend mediums. From his early days on television with SCTV and Saturday Night Live to his acclaimed performances on stage and screen, Short’s comedic genius has captivated audiences worldwide.

Full Name Martin Hayter Short
Date of Birth March 26, 1950
Place of Birth Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Age 73 years (as of 2023)
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Actor, Comedian, Writer
Years Active 1972–present
Spouse Nancy Dolman (m. 1980; d. 2010)
Children 3
Net Worth $30 million

Rise to Fame

Short’s journey to stardom began with his breakout roles on television, where he introduced audiences to unforgettable characters such as Jiminy Glick and Ed Grimley, showcasing his versatility and comedic prowess.

Versatility Across Mediums

Transitioning seamlessly to film, Short enchanted audiences with his roles in comedy classics like “Three Amigos” and “Father of the Bride,” while also earning critical acclaim on stage, winning a Tony Award for his performance in “Little Me.”

Martin Short’s Marriage to Nancy Dolman

At the heart of Martin Short’s personal life was his enduring partnership with actress Nancy Dolman, a union that would shape his life in profound ways.

A Love Story

Short and Dolman tied the knot in 1980, embarking on a journey filled with love, laughter, and shared dreams. Their marriage was a testament to their deep bond and mutual admiration for each other.

Tragic Loss

However, tragedy struck in 2010 when Nancy Dolman passed away from ovarian cancer, leaving a void in Short’s life and the hearts of many who knew them. Despite the loss, Short’s devotion to Nancy remained unwavering, a testament to the enduring power of love.

Remembering Nancy Dolman

Even in her absence, Nancy Dolman’s presence continues to loom large in Martin Short’s life. His poignant reflections on their time together and the legacy she left behind speak volumes about the profound impact she had on him.

Keeping Her Memory Alive

Short has often spoken about keeping Nancy’s memory alive, cherishing their time together and the lessons learned from their shared experiences. His commitment to honoring her legacy is a testament to the depth of their connection.

Consulting Her Spirit

In a touching display of love, Short has revealed that he still communicates with Nancy in some way, seeking her guidance and wisdom in moments of uncertainty. This spiritual connection underscores the enduring nature of their bond.

Martin Short’s Life Beyond Marriage

While Nancy Dolman will always hold a special place in Martin Short’s heart, his life has continued to evolve in the years since her passing.

Professional Achievements

Short’s career has seen continued success, with memorable roles in television shows like “Only Murders in the Building,” showcasing his timeless appeal and comedic brilliance.

Legacy and Impact

Beyond his individual accomplishments, Martin Short’s legacy is also defined by his enduring influence on the world of comedy and entertainment, inspiring future generations of performers.


In conclusion, Martin Short’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of love, resilience, and laughter. Through triumph and tragedy, he has remained a beacon of light in the entertainment industry, his personal story serving as an inspiration to many.

Is Martin Short Married? – FAQs

  1. Who is Martin Short? Martin Short is a Canadian-American actor, comedian, and writer known for his dynamic comedic performances across television, film, and theater.
  2. Is Martin Short married? Martin Short was married to actress Nancy Dolman until her passing in 2010. There is no mention of him remarrying or being in a relationship since then.
  3. How old is Martin Short? Martin Short was born on March 26, 1950, making him 73 years old as of the current date.
  4. What is Martin Short’s net worth? Martin Short’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million, earned through his successful career in entertainment.
  5. What are some notable works of Martin Short? Some of Martin Short’s notable works include “Three Amigos,” “Father of the Bride,” “Only Murders in the Building,” and his Tony Award-winning performance in “Little Me” on Broadway.

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