Jan Kliment Net Worth in 2023: What Is Jan Kliment Net Worth?

Jan Kliment Net Worth

In the world of football, where talent meets determination, Jan Kliment shines as a prominent Czech footballer. Born on September 1, 1993, this forward has not only made a name for himself but has also accumulated a substantial net worth. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Jan Kliment’s net worth in 2023 and his journey through the footballing world.


Football enthusiasts around the globe recognize Jan Kliment for his skills and contributions on the pitch. But beyond the game, what is the financial status of this Czech football star in 2023? Let’s find out.

Jan Kliment’s Net Worth

Jan Kliment’s net worth in 2023 is an impressive $3 million dollars. This substantial wealth is a result of his successful career as a Czech footballer. His dedication and hard work have undoubtedly paid off, making him one of the noteworthy figures in the world of football.

Name Jan Kliment
Estimated Net Worth (2023) $3 Million Dollars
Profession Czech footballer
Date of Birth September 1, 1993
Age 30 years old
Height 6 feet (185 cm)
Weight 73 kg (160 lbs)
Birthplace Jihlava, Czechia
Nationality Czech, Slovak

Who is Jan Kliment?

Jan Kliment, born on September 1, 1993, is a renowned Czech professional footballer known for his exceptional skills as a forward. He currently plays for Viktoria Plzeň, wearing the prestigious number 9 jersey. Kliment’s gameplay is marked by versatility, with his right foot enabling precise shots and maneuvers on the field.

Real Name Jan Kliment
Date of birth September 1, 1993
Age 30 years old
Height 6 feet (185 cm)
Weight 73 kg (160 lbs)
Birth Place Jihlava, Czechia
Gender Male
Profession Czech footballer
Nationality Czech, Slovak

Jan Kliment’s Age

As of 2023, Jan Kliment is 30 years old. At this age, he stands at the peak of his physical and mental abilities, making him a seasoned forward with a wealth of experience.

Early Years and Youth Career

Jan Kliment’s football journey began in the youth setup of Vysočina Jihlava, where he honed his skills from 1999 to 2012. This period laid the foundation for his promising professional career.

Transition to Senior Team – Vysočina Jihlava

In 2012, Kliment made the transition to Vysočina Jihlava’s senior team, marking the start of his professional career. Over three years until 2015, he played 31 games for the club and scored three goals, showcasing his on-field contributions.

Slovácko Stint

During the 2020/2021 season, Kliment demonstrated his talents with Slovácko in the Czech Liga. His presence was notable as he contributed significantly to the team’s performance.

Current Role with FC Viktoria Plzen

At present, Jan Kliment is an integral part of FC Viktoria Plzen, where he plays as a forward while donning the coveted number 9 shirt. His right-footed playing style adds versatility to his attacking contributions.

Statistical Insights

For detailed statistics on Jan Kliment’s career, including appearances, goals, and cards, you can explore Flashscore.com. Additionally, for comprehensive UEFA Champions League performance metrics, such as minutes played, goals, shots, and fouls committed, enthusiasts can refer to ESPN.

Jan Kliment’s Journey

Jan Kliment’s football journey is a story of progression, from his youth development to key roles in senior teams. Each phase has contributed to his growth as a footballer, reflecting his commitment to excellence and passion for the game.


In conclusion, Jan Kliment’s net worth in 2023 stands at an impressive $3 million dollars. His journey from a youth player to a seasoned forward is a testament to his dedication and skill in the world of football. As he continues to make strides with FC Viktoria Plzen, his impact as a forward shines brightly.


1. Who is Jan Kliment?

Jan Kliment is known as a Czech footballer. Jan Kliment was born on September 1, 1993, and presently, he is 30 years old.

2. What is Jan Kliment’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Jan Kliment’s net worth is $3 million dollars. Jan Kliment is a Czech footballer who was born on September 1, 1993.

3. What is Jan Kliment’s weight?

Jan Kliment, the successful Czech footballer, weighs 73 kg (160 lbs). Get to know more about Jan Kliment from the above article.

4. How tall is Jan Kliment?

Jan Kliment is a Czech footballer who stands 6 feet (185 cm) tall.

5. How old is Jan Kliment?

Jan Kliment was born on September 1, 1993. Jan Kliment is 30 years old.

For more information about Jan Kliment’s career and achievements, dive into the statistical insights and explore his remarkable journey in the world of football. And if you’re eager to learn more or stay updated on the latest football news, make sure to follow Jan Kliment’s promising career closely.

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