Kailua Kona Trip With Friends


Today Omicron is running. We had planned to go to Singapore last year, then there was a lockdown due to Corona. So our entire plan was cancelled. So now all of us friends are planning to go on air travel. Everyone had said yes, so after that my two friends and I started looking for tickets. We went to one or more airline companies and inquired. His ticket price was good which was within our budget. But instead of focusing on that, we paid more attention to the ticket cancellation policy.

We knew that if there was a lockdown, our trip would be cancelled but our money would also run out. So while looking for it, we came across Hawaiian Airlines, which had a great cancellation policy. Everything was clear to us in the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy and we were even more impressed by this and the Hawaii Air 24 Hour cancellations. The cancellation policy of Hawaiian Airlines was very cheap so that we would get our money back even when there was a lockdown. So we booked tickets with Hawaiian Airlines.

After booking the ticket with Hawaiian Airlines, we went to your home. I started searching for the best places in Kailua Kona before sleeping, I saw some videos and photos on my mobile, in which I saw photos of Kailua Kona’s sea, church, and museum. then I fell asleep.

The city of Kailua Kona

The city of Kailua Kona is the crown or jewel of the Hawaiian Islands. West Hawaii has now become a metropolitan center due to its growing economy and exploding population. The fun is best of all walking from Kamehameha Beach Resort in the south to Honellas Beach downtown. Because the fun and frolic that comes here while going with friends are amazing.

I really enjoy traveling around Kailua Kona city, so we were going to book hotels from the airport itself. All of our friends were going to the King Kamehameha Beach Hotel and walking around the city while keeping salmon. Car parking was free to visit the farmers market and Hale Confectionery Park. So we took it for him.

A Holy Temple 

Then we started walking north and going to Kailua Kona. We saw an ancient and holy temple on it then we went to the temple. The special thing is that this temple was occupied by human sacrifice in the 15th century. And one thing that made us all laugh after hearing it, the temple of peace and prosperity dedicated to the people of fertility deity. But what to do, this is history.

Then we immediately went to the beach and saw that all the three beaches looked so beautiful immediately that we were all stunned. One beach meets the other beach with beautiful coral gardens and lively reef fish, and the third sea connects the two beaches. Have seen this so far. We have seen that I enjoy watching it when there is strong stormy weather on the sea.

A Beautiful Church

Then we went to a church, a short distance from the beach. The church that was here is great, people talk about this church here, even when the severe stormy weather comes, it still doesn’t budge. This church easily tolerates the big waves of the sea. This church is on a big stone.

The church was very quiet from the inside, the people who come to visit the church do not even bother to go out of the church, there are such beautiful and quiet churches. Going to one of the windows of the church, he saw the open sea and cold cold air coming out. I really enjoyed seeing such a beautiful church, all of us friends took a photo in the group on it.

A Small Museum

A little away from the church means there is a small museum just a short distance from the beach. We all went to that small museum when we arrived. The museum was not open because its timing was 10 o’clock and we reached before 10 o’clock. Stayed outside for a while then we took a ticket to the museum and went to visit the museum.

When I woke up in the morning I thought it was a dream. Thought how nice it is to dream when we all go, friends, how much fun it will be.


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